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    Happy Sunday.....I hope all is well with everyone in MoPar land....I’m still learning how to correctly load photos with something like this, thank you!
    I have an all original, never restored, never touched up nor altered, vintage Autolite Spark Plug display cabinet that I would like to trade for a good driver quality, simulated wood steering wheel, the steering wheel was an option on 1964, 1965, 1966, and 1967.
    I bought this Autolite counter top cabinet, several signs, coke coolers, etc, at an auction a few yrs ago. The spark Plug display is 100% original....These Spark plug displays were similar in size to a medicine cabinet, but deeper in order to store spark plugs inside. This particular type was used from 1930’s through the 1950’s and even the 1960’s, depending on the dealership, according to the Ford Dealership gurus I know and spoke to. It’s been a few years but I’ve seen these sell in the $650 to $850 range for an unrestored original example. This seems to be the going $$ for a good driver quality simulated steering wheel with no major cracks, that also includes the functional horn contact and wheel cap. Message me if anyone interested..... Thanks

    4AC62067-ACC6-428C-BAD0-77974D405808.jpeg B56B2352-8D81-4C10-ADFF-217AE6DD692E.jpeg 35A85C59-2B7D-416D-A452-5086AC11F162.jpeg 7953AD43-1A33-4351-856F-B7611CDA2857.jpeg 4C726748-7FBD-4FC1-8372-4EB218F26F22.jpeg 5ECE4734-7FF4-42C1-9940-29CE9B289D41.jpeg
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