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What Brand Are These?


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1:51 AM
Oct 4, 2020
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Waddell AZ
These wheels came on my 79 300. I put them on my wagon but don't know what brand they are. I can't find any marking on them and they have generic centers. Here's a few pictures to see if anyone can identify them.
Probably appliance mags, they were a cheap knock off wheel back in the day

Kinda what makes identifying wheels difficult, you have the name brands, then 50 knock offs :rofl:
Yes, but after looking closer at the wheels, I see a 2005 date code, I’ve seen those wheels before but can’t remember the name, let me see if I can find it
That ain't the best looking weld for a wheel.
What ever you do , don’t look at the mag 500 wheel vintiques welds , I had terrible set new in box , looked like first year vocational agricultural welding student, full of 3/16” slag pockets and mucho start stops and undercut! Ask me how I know! AWS -CWI inspector!
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