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What color for the '70 Coronet?


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May 28, 2013
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Colorado Springs
It's cream right now with a saddle-tan interior. I like the color but I think it could use a bit more yellow. I was thinking along the lines of the pale yellow used on 1965 Corvettes. We have a red '97 Camaro and a BumbleBee yellow '81 Camaro, a Hemi Orange '71 Charger, a silver '69 Charger a black Pontiac '73 Grand Am, and a multi-colored '70 Lemans drag car. A white '91 Ford Pickup. Purple is out because that's K-State's color and I'm KU. I"m running out of colors. With the Corvette color, I may not have to do jambs and the engine bay. Whadda think?

Oh Jeeze, I forgot the Sublime 1971 Challenger. I know Sublime is a '70 color but I liked it.

If I could find out what color this was I'd go for it. Kind of a Jalepenoish.

Friend has a 70 Challenger in EF8 Green with a Saddle/tan interior...such a sharp looking colour combo!
All those curves on the hood would show of well with a nice glossy black.
Any green would look great
F8 Ivy Green... As T-Cows ^^ stated, an outstanding color combo with a saddle interior
Pine/evergreen metallic, torque thrust
D's , black and grey leather interior.
I hate color changes but you’d be surprised how good a new base/clear coat paint job in the original color would make that car look.
My 70 I had back in high school (in mid to late 80’s)it was painted charcoal metallic grey

Fought this for a few weeks on my son’s build. Black, plum, blue? Settled on QQ1 with a black hood. More than happy with it.

Woah! You guys have forgotten the OP has saddle tan interior. Green yes, black probably not. Red or blue, absolutely not.