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What was ( is ) your CB handle ?

Something just popped into my head and made me laugh.....
I had a cassette by Jerry Clower , the episode with (Marcel & the Coon hunting monkey )
That damn thing would make tears roll I was laughing so bad.

I had a cassette player and installed a outside bull horn under the hood. I'd switch the CB to PA and put in my Aerosmith tape. Run it fast forward to 10 inch record. When it got to the part "Now whip out your big ten inch" I'd mic it through the bull horn. Got some funny looks!

CBs were a great way to keep track of all your friends on a Saturday night. Made it easy to find out where the best party was taking place :fool: :drinks:
Khf 3999. Blue bird here.
I was Bo Peep. At our hunting club we had a lot of old timers that liked to name people on the CB. After one hunt I went over the side of a steep mountain because I heard one of our dogs barking at the bottom and was sure he had something going on. No one else was willing to go into the brush and down the side. Took me many hours to get back to camp. Wasn't even our dog. By the time I returned I had been labeled Bo Peep because I went after lost sheep. The handle died years ago, but since that day (about 35 years ago) my 1945 GPW has been known as Bo Peep by everyone affiliated with that group and my family. I did better than my brother-in-law who was desperate to have one of the old timers hang a handle on him. He got what he asked for. Not sure he was thrilled with "Peckerneck" though.
Flashback memory:

My signature acknowledgment was '4-10 Bud Goody!' Still cracks me (and only me) up.
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Reading some of these comments... Uniden, Cobra, Royce, Shakespeare, etc. some of the names of the CB units and antennas. I had a fold-down antenna that went in the trunk.
Duh! Chryslerkid :rolleyes:

Then when the internet came out I wanted the same handle but it was already taken. So I used a "K" and the rest is history...Good Buddy. :)

You lived in Lorton VA or in the correctional facility or both? :lol:
"On the good side of the wall".
No, I've never been institutionalized. Doesn't mean I shouldn't have been, just that I haven't. :)
Scamp, because it was what I drove in the mid 70's. Buddies of mine used to let me know an out of towner came looking for a race. My Scamp was a true sleeper, complete drive train from a wrecked T/A Challenger. It played the part complete with dual drip rail mounted antennas with a Midland 23 channel SSB with a boosted microphone.
Life was good then.
Rawk Hawk. My best bud went by Karate Falcon.
Far as I know, besides a random trucker, we were the only two with a CB in like 50 miles. Of course, by the 90's these were things we found at a rummage sale to put in our beater cars.
One classmate had a Ranger with an antenna on the back bumper long enough the top of it was tied down onto the front bumper. But the CB was gone. He left the antenna because he thought it was cool anyway.
I was that one Artful Dodger, as always.
I was Canada Goose on AM, YT552 on SSB. Got into it as a teenager around 1974. Talked around the world on 11 meters. Had tons of rigs. Still do. I have a bunch of Browning Golden Eagles and a Tram D201. Those rigs cost a months wages back in the mid seventies and are still very, very good radios.
Now I do ham stuff but really miss the golden age of CB.
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