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Whats the best thermol sleeve for wires close to headers


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Jul 14, 2012
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Looking to protect starter wires that will be routed through header tubes. 400/512 with TTI headers in 68 charger. Lots of available products. What do you use?
Thanks all. Those are the ones I'll look at.
Well went with DEI.
This is #10457 1/2 to 3/4 ID heat sleeving. I put the sleeving on with the wires disconnected and then routed through header tube to starter. After everything connected I repositioned the sleeving, just a little for a better final position, and this is what happened.

tear 1.jpg
Is that real DEI or a knock off ebay special?

You should get the non split DEI insulation if you don’t mind taking off the wires to run them through.
That's real DEI.
I did exactly what you said. I bought some non split when I bought this. Just installed it and it looks like it will be OK. Now have to fab a bracket/clamp to hold the wires in the just right spot
That is the first time I’ve seen DEI tear apart like that.

Glad ya got a spare.
DEI was real cool about this and is sending me a new sheeth.
FYI Will at DEI told me when you cut the sheeth you should super glue the strands where it was cut. He said this will be incorporated into the directions
I replaced my positive battery cable and used a left over DEI sleeve at the starter.