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Wipers run at random


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FBBO Gold Member
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4:59 AM
Dec 3, 2020
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western Maryland
So, I have a 3 speed wiper car. 3 speed switch. When I got it...it had a 2 speed motor in it. I recently changed it to a 3 speed motor...but now, the wipers will turn on at random, and never turn off until I shut off the key. I've got them unplugged at the bulkhead now, since that plug only runs the wipers (acting up), and the a/c (not charged or working, anyway).

Is this a common failure symptom for these? I'm guessing there's a short to power somewhere in the switch...at first, I could toggle the switch from off to high and back again a few times and they'd shut off, but no longer. They just...run. Which - don't get me wrong - is nice, I'm glad they work (and on all 3 speeds!), I just wish I had control over stopping them!

I have to tone out the wires at the bulkhead, but as I said, I'm guessing its a short in the switch. I can't see how the motor could do this on its own, without receiving power from the switch somehow....
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