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Yet another 440 build


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Jul 9, 2023
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St.Petersburg, FL
Hi all. I have done a bunch of reading in the million threads and think I have a general idea of what I want to do based on my budget, but figure some input from folks with experience would be good before diving in.

My 440 is fully disassembled and has been inspected, it appears serviceable. It is a 78 block, cast crank and stock rods, low compression pistons. My rough plan is to have the block professionally gone through, hot tank, crack check, magnaflux, as well as have the stock crank machined/polished. New bearings all around, and stepping up to forged flat top pistons offered by Mancini Racing. I found a flat tappet Lunati Voodoo cam that I like the look of, specifically the 10230703LUN. 440 Source stealth aluminum heads, with relatively stock rockers. Hoping for 10:1, maybe slightly higher. I currently have an edelbrock dual quad intake and a pair of edelbrock 4bbls ready to roll. Stainless long tubes already on hand as well. Will have an A833OD behind it, being freshly rebuilt as we speak.

Hopefully that gives the gist, let me know if you think that would generally work as a fun street build, or if you see any glaring issues.
Hopefully you're good at tuning a carb! Now you're going to double your fun!
Cast crank is externally balanced, so you will have to have it balanced with the flywheel and correct harmonic balancer. I have heard they are good up to 500 HP.
Sounds like a well matched setup that wouldn't need a lot of gear.Don't really need any more than 10.0-1 with that camshaft.
We run a 440 w/Eddy rpm heads and the Eddy 2x4 intake. Box stock 600 Eddy carbs, 10.0-1, Mopar 557 solid, headers, 4.10. In an all stock 65 Belevedere II. It's been a best of 11.28@116.
Hopefully you're good at tuning a carb! Now you're going to double your fun!
My last setup was a Chevy Tri-Power and tuning it wasn’t so bad. Just patient and methodical. Learned a lot, that’s for sure. She ran beautifully! Worst case I’ve got a buddy who runs a carb shop to help me.

I’ve made some more progress, narrowing down parts. Think I’ve settled on that cam (plus all new lifters and timing setup, maybe rods too if needed).


Most notable change is that I’m probably going to build it with my 906 heads to keep budget in check for now, then upgrade to the Stealth heads later. I’m trying to decide what pistons to go with, I found these which seem to be a good deal, but I need help figuring out if I’m safe to run the full on flat top, or if I should get the ones with valve reliefs.

Speed-Pro Stock Forged, Flat Pistons


Speed-Pro Stock Forged, Flat Pistons

Anyone know what kind of compression I’d be at with stock stroke and the above parts? I’d love to hit 9.5:1 with the 906s.
The 2266 will not be a great piston for you IMO. Lower compression, no valve relief, and no quench if you move to the Stealth head.

The 2355 has a lot more benefits. CR probably around your goal, has valve notches, and will have quench and compression in the 10’s with the Stealth heads.

I believe that the picture is incorrect for the Mancini 2355 add.
^^^^ good advice. The 2266 is forged, but deep in the hole.
I put together a 446 trickflow full topend for a buddy with 2355s . Set the quench fairly tight. Seems to run well on pump
The ch28 with 600's is easy and reliable. Has a nice broad torque range.

As for pistons; what works well with iron heads probably won't work well with aluminum heads and vice-versa. Pick one or the other but don't mix and match. I like Icon 836 for aluminum heads and kb184 for open chamber iron heads when using pump gas for either head.
Thanks for all the advice everyone, really helped me get some direction. I have the engine dropped off with the builder now. They worked me a better deal than I expected so I decided to have them do the whole build for me. Barring the "regular replacement parts" like bearings, lifters, pushrods, and heavier valve springs, I did land on what cam and pistons I am going with.

ICON IC968.030 ICON Premium Forged Pistons | Summit Racing

Lunati 10230703: Voodoo Hydraulic Flat Tappet Camshaft Mopar Big Block 361-440 Lift: .494" /.513" - JEGS

From what they told me that should land me at about 9.9-1 compression after their machine work, etc.
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