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You guys rock, Thanks from the Newbie TMc in Gville

52 Bone Speed

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2:50 AM
Oct 10, 2022
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Gainesville, FL
PHOTOS A FEW POST DOWN SO HANG IN THERE.....Finally coming to the surface after working my a** off on my "Patches of Crimes" 1968 Dodge Coronet 440. When I bought it I fell victim to pure lipstick on a pig from a Naples seasoned home shop car restorer and flipper. It was my fourth classic car purchase but he was definitely the most deceptive seller I have ever come across. It looked good and was advertised by the seller on you tube and also on Craigslist in (as New, Perfect full restoration car). I still have the video and the ads and I can't believe after the stuff I found that anyone would try to act so sincere and do that. Example- New floor pans. Well, that's cool except the only welds holding the unibody frame rails to the floor at all was seam sealer. The trans x member was only welded at the ends to inner rocker panels that were almost non existent. The car was about to fall in half. I couldn't get under the car to really see the bones because he parked on heavy gravel and it was getting dark and I was 5 hours into the 10 hour round trip and I had a buddy who needed to get back. But the interior, wheels and paint were all new. Motor was 5 hours from needing full rebuild, but damn, he painted it up pretty. There's more but that's good for now. I'm sure I over paid but I love the lines of the car and it taught me the need to learn how to weld and much more. Put a full 10lbs of mig wire and more in steel in that chassis. Quality time bonding with Patches I guess. But I hope Karma pays the flipper back. I feel like I'm close to being able to really go enjoy it (I've had it 2.5 years). It's a pretty long story, but every now and then I tapped in to this site for help and you all did. Hopefully I'll be able to pay it forward and help someone too.
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Welcome to FBBO from NorCal Sierras

show us some photos of the 68 Coronet
Welcome from the west coast. My wife was just in Florida visiting her niece and fam in Lutz.
So yea, it has some cool Super Bee stuff tribute stuff which I like. My favorite tail lights are '68. Score. My favorite front end is '69. Score again, but I didn't figure that out till after I bought it. I think it may be the whole 69 front clip. The flipper knew it. Value down but coolness up for style. See why I call it "Patches (of crimes)". I'm hoping to get it all dialed in and plan to enjoy it long time.



Greetings from northern Michigan.

Might be livin' up to its name Patches here and there but it is a nice looking Coronet. Really liking those wheels on the car :thumbsup:
Welcome to FBBO from western NY! Sounds like you started out a bit disappointed but glad to see you loved ’er through it. Nice looking Coronet you got there.
Welcome from NM. Nice looking '68. Its a little different, but ready to have fun with. At least now you know alot more about it, since you had to "finish" it.
glad to have another coronet 440 and fellow floridian (my home state) on board
deceptive sellers or straight out liars just to make a buck are absolute bottom of the barrel gutter trash who i wouldn't waste the piss to put them out if they were on fire
good luck with your build
Welcome from Alabama, 68's are cool and I love the silver.
Greetings from Connecticut. Nice looking car and the silver is super sharp. As a former resident of Gainesville along with being a former mechanic and shop foreman at Gainesville Dodge you might want to find Mark Wilson. He lives out in Waldo and we worked together for awhile and is a top notch Mopar guy and former A/SA Max wedge racer.

Cliff Ramsdell