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    yellow68runner man up!!

    That's a shame. Wonder if he'll get back to you if he were not able to post anything else for sale here till he does.......
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    1969 Dodge Charger

    Isn't necessary for anyone to bitch about it. My post is clear. Do not post opinions on for sale ads unless asked for them. Now if that isn't clear enough for anyone to understand, then I suggest you don't post any reply to any for sale ad, and only send your "thoughts" in a PM to the original...
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    New Charger from MD

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    new from san jose ca nor cal

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    Hi new from wsconsin/73 road runner

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    just found this

    Australia? lol
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    New Canuck Member

    If you're running some double springs, it really should be run in with just a single. But yeah, you need an oil with 1200ppm ZDDP
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    1969 Dodge Charger

    Opinions on what someone has for sale are not welcome in here unless the O.P. requests said opinions. They know what condition their stuff is in, and don't need to be told here in the public forum. If they want to much for an item it won't sell. But volunteering unsolicited opinions only causes...
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    69 Charger at a Car Dealer in Colorado

    This is a CHEVROLET dealership. RIGHT? I sent this: "GreetingsI understand you have a 69 Charger on your lot. Could you send info, pics, and price? Thanks" To which THEY responded: "Did you see a stock number" Naturally I responded back with: "You have more than ONE 1969 Charger on your lot?"...
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    69 Charger at a Car Dealer in Colorado

    Doesn't help much with no price or pics
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    1965 plymouth belvedere ll

    He hasn't been on the Forum since 5/12/09
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    marsahall cab, schecter guitar.

    neither photo is coming up
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    72 Duster 360/727

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    73 Plymouth Fury Suburban 9 passenger
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    64 Savoy for sale

    sweet. sorry you need to part with it