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    Time for the name game....

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    Lucas oil

    Lucas OIL not STABILIZER. Two different things. That said, I see no reason not to use it.
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    Veterinarian Care and Costs Way Up?

    Just took my granddaughters dog in for a UTI. Exam and antibiotic 10 day script (not amoxicillin) was $73.
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    Anyone watched Car Issues with Tyler Hoover?

    Check out his YT channel. Its a bogus 'Bird.
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    Paul Sorvino has passed

    And a damn good singer.
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    Southern Man In Critical Condition After Being Served Unsweetened Tea

    And married to Darryl Hanna. My daughter in law has tea with her sugar. She grew up in Alabama. No sugar tonight in my coffee...or tea.
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    Happy Birthday Hey-O

    Happy birthday, Ye Old Pharte!
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    Recommended drive shaft for oil and fuel pump?

    Since you have a Melling oil pump why not a Melling shaft/gear? Rock Auto has em and might even come with a new bushing. The one for my 92 318 did.
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    Flying at night

    In thrust we trust.
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    I think I've had it with my hydraulic roller cam

    You may have been hearing the injectors firing and mistaking it for lifter noise.
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    I'm going to slam college education.

    Promotions? Does that mean you are now allowed conjugal visits? :rofl:
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    For all of You Train Lovers

    If that is CN Mikado 3254 it ran at Steamtown in Scranton, PA as late as 2012.
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    Why can't they get it right? Rant

    Most parts suppliers wont allow their counter fols to use parts num ears given them by the customers. It MUST be looked up in their system. And there is where everything goes haywire. The parts "system" is incorrect.
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    I'm going to slam college education.

    What kind of job can you get with a Liberal Arts degree? Also, have you noticed you are required to take a class in ethics? From what I see in both business and govt it aint workin! My son went into the Navy straight from HS and became an avionics tech. Retired after 15 years (yes 15) and got a...
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    Remembering Fast Food & Chains Now Closed

    Hmm...I remember reading they were former WC employees. Goes to show ya can't believe everything ya read on the 'net. Thanks. Now with some research I find Krystal is or was owned by a company formed by former Coke execs. Probably why HQ moved to GA. At one point Krystal operated Wendy's and...