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    *** in the Air stance , May look stupid to some mean to others

    Reminds me when I was a kid. I had the hot wheels cars that looked like that with a big blower with no hood.
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    Damn you chip foose

    Maybe some of us need to start watching "described video". Then you can use your own imaginations... so it should always look nice. Ah, who am kidding. We can't make everyone happy. Haha
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    Anyone know if Year one has any discounts going right now?

    Well, on a positive note. At least your not paying 30% exchange to Canadian and brokerage fees and higher shipping costs. I bet your order would cost me $450.00. For example: I was looking at an muffler for $369.00 US. To ship it was another $130 US. Now the item is more like $700 Canadian. I...
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    Exhaust systems

    What headers are those? Do all headers miss the mark on the trans cross member? I bought a set of Doug's. Fits nice but on drivers side it's too far off of the trams cross member area.
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    NHL Playoffs

    Way to go Flames!!! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=smOJvmViVGA
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    Hell Cat verses Tesla electric

    Rule #1 - Only use the RED KEY. Keep the black one for your wife or valet.
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    Hell Cat verses Tesla electric

    Rule #6 - Do Not Race Electric Vehicles! https://www.yahoo.com/autos/bp/angry-hellcat-owner-gives-7-rules-of-ownership--with-a-nod-to-tesla-170957428.html
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    whats a good Dynamat alternative thats safe for the longhaul?

    I used B-Quiet Extreme http://b-quiet.com/products-3/b-quiet-extreme/
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    World of Wheels Show

    I was told they did not want any bikes. The show has been on the decline for a long time. It's almost better to wait for the Wednesday nights at the casino.
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    So The Patriots Were Cheating... Again

    Rather than talk about balls. You should change it up and sing about them. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=gJ3tqIukBKg
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    what was your coolest gift.

    I won a new RAV4. I upgraded the model I won to a Limited and gave it to my parents for a big gift. To have the opportunity to give my parents a car was amazing and the look on their faces priceless. The new car win will live on forever in my memories.
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    Not a Mopar, but, so BADASS

    You'll want popcorn and a beverage for this one! https://www.hoonigan.com/gymkhana7/
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    Does anybody know anything about scooters?

    How about a Go-Ped. These things are pretty good. http://www.goped.com/Products/gtr/default.asp
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    Yup. No complaints. I would rather it snow than rain. I think this is the year I teach one of my boys how to ski or board so I need lots of white powder. The snow also, helps me get into the Christmas spirit when I go to Costco.
  15. K


    Outside my front door... Gotta love Calgary.
  16. K

    Is this acceptable chrome job?

    Unfortunately, I didn't take pics of the letters, it was a last minute decision to do the letters. I'm watching these muggy weld videos... And am thinking of trying. http://muggyweld.com/pot-metal-repair See if I can get some letters first.
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    Is this acceptable chrome job?

    I don't think they reproduce these letters. For this year? I'll buy them if they're available.
  18. K

    Is this acceptable chrome job?

    If I find another set I'll give it a try. Some silver solder and flux paste? I wish someone reproduced the letters instead...
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    Is this acceptable chrome job?

    When I brought them in they weren't too bad... I guess I was wrong. Anybody out there with another set of letters for my 68 Coronet? My tail lights didn't come out the way I had hoped either. I think I'll go with the repros when I have some more cash.
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    Is this acceptable chrome job?

    Can I get some feedback if this is acceptable. I just had a bunch if parts done for me. Needless to day how I feel right now.