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  1. tallhair

    FOR SALE 72 rallye charger,71 R/T charger,73 d100 PICKUP

    click members username and select "start conversation"
  2. tallhair

    FOR SALE 72 rallye charger,71 R/T charger,73 d100 PICKUP

    Some posts deleted. If you are selling parts start new thread in appropriate forum please. No phone or email addresses in for sale forums
  3. tallhair

    SOLD 1969 and 1970 Road Runners for Parts or Restore

    No commentary in ad forum. Please use conversation tool
  4. tallhair

    SOLD 1972 plymouth roadrynner drag car

    Please mare ads SOLD with thread tools when sold
  5. tallhair

    SOLD 1968 Charger R/T

    Please do not dicker, haggle, or make offers on pricing in ads. Use PM / Conversation tool and take it offline
  6. tallhair

    SOLD 1969 Dodge Charger

    Post deleted. Send a PM if interested. He's on Columbus OH .. in his profile under his avatar. click username to send a personal message (PM)
  7. tallhair

    FOR SALE 1969 Road Runner 383 4-spd Hardtop Shell with most all NOS or refurbished OEM parts

    Commentary removed Please read forum ad rules above every comment box in the for sale forums
  8. tallhair

    FOR SALE 72 Satellite Sebring Plus-EV2

    Commentary deleted Please read for sale ad rules at top of every comment box
  9. tallhair

    FOR SALE 1969 road runner air grabber bench 4 speed shell +parts

    Some comments deleted ... no negotiating in ad forum. Use PM tool also no phone or email in ad threads
  10. tallhair

    SOLD For Trade - 1971 GTX Project with 1971 Road Runner Parts car & 1970 4 Speed RR

    This is advertised as FOR TRADE. PM owner for negotiations
  11. tallhair

    SOLD 1969 Roadrunner coupe

    More commentary deleted Thead closed. If you want to compliment the color, ask tech questions etc send the OP a PM. If you have further questions about the car and are interested in buying it send the OP a PM.
  12. tallhair

    SOLD 1969 Roadrunner coupe

    Some comments deleted Please read forum rules and do not comment in for sale ads
  13. tallhair

    SOLD 1969 gtx

    Please no commentary in ad forums comments deleted Send PM instead
  14. tallhair

    FOR SALE 1967 GTX, #'s matching 440/375hp, Auto, 3:23 Suregrip, Buildsheet & CertiCard

    Please no commentary in ad forums comments deleted
  15. tallhair

    SOLD 1971 charger r/t 440 4speed dana air grabber

    Commentary deleted Commentary is NOT allowed in For Sale forums. Relevant questions ONLY please Use PM tool if you are not interested in the car and just have curiosity or want to comment to the seller
  16. tallhair

    SOLD 1967 Coronet RT with a very nice rust free shell RT doner

    PLease use forum tools to mark ads SOLD when they are sold.
  17. tallhair

    FOR SALE 1963 Plymouth Sport Fury convertible

    A price is required per forum rules.
  18. tallhair

    SOLD 1972 Dodge Charger

    A price is require per forum rules
  19. tallhair

    FOR SALE 1969 Plymouth Roadrunner 440 4/spd Frame off

    OK we all know there is no frame off restoration on a uni-body Mopar. No commentary in ad forums please
  20. tallhair

    FOR SALE Numbers Matching 68 Coronet R/T

    If you want to compliment the car send a Private Message. No commentary in for sale ads please