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  1. jaak

    FOR SALE Factory White Door Panels

    Have you sold these yet?
  2. jaak

    FOR SALE For Sale (1) 14 x 7 and (1) 14 x 8 American Racing Vector Wheel

    Took wheels off the other day.... it is a 14 x 6, not 7. So I have one 14x8 and one 14x6. Will take 50 each plus shipping.
  3. jaak

    FOR SALE For Sale (1) 14 x 7 and (1) 14 x 8 American Racing Vector Wheel

    14 x 7 in very good shape for age, 14 x 8 has a little curb rash (circled in pic). Both wheels are unilug, 4.50/4.75 5 Lug. Each wheel is $75 plus shipping. Tires will be dismounted before shipping. 14 x 7 ..... 14 x 8 .....
  4. jaak

    SOLD WTB.... ONE 14" x 7" (OR 8'')American Racing Vector Wheel

    I need just one 14x7 or 14x8 Vector rim. Either 4.5 Mopar pattern or Unilug. Reply with pic and price including shipping to 35648 Thanks.
  5. jaak

    FOR SALE Vintage 14" x 7" Appliance 'Turbo Vec' Wheels

    They are pretty dirty.... should have cleaned them up for the pic. The black paint on all the wheels is actually in good shape. Jason
  6. jaak

    FOR SALE Vintage 14" x 7" Appliance 'Turbo Vec' Wheels

    Vintage 14x7 Appliance Turbo Vecs. They are uni-lug, fit Chevy 4.75 and Ford/Mopar 4.50 5 lug bolt patterns. Nice shape for age. No center caps or lug nuts. Located in Northwest Alabama, I will box up/ship, but buyer responsible for all shipping costs. $250 for all 4 Jason
  7. jaak

    FOR SALE 1969 Dodge Coronet dash

    Would you be willing to sell the defroster vents from this dash (assuming they are still there and usable)? If so, how much shipped to 35648? Thanks, Jason
  8. jaak

    FOR SALE 68 Plymouth Satellite parts

    Do the car still have the defroster vents on the dash. If so how much would you want for them shipped to North Alabama (35648)? Thanks, Jason
  9. jaak

    Project Pittsbird Almost Done

    Bravo!!! This is a great thread!!! A nice driving Mopar can be built on a budget. I really didn't keep up with a budget on my 69 Charger, but I can guarantee, there is a lot less in it the what most would think. I am working on a 68 Charger now and I am on a stricter budget. I'll admit it won't...
  10. jaak

    My Dream car "General Lee" project

    Looks great! Which orange did you use to paint it? Jason
  11. jaak

    68 charger

    Great work cdr! I just stumbled across this tread and read it all (haven't been on this site in a while). I love threads like this when someone tackles all the work themselves, it's motivation for others and a great learning tool to. I think its a good idea to cut the jambs in like you did...
  12. jaak

    SOLD 68 Charger tail panel (trade only)

    UPDATE Tail panel is now for sale. 250 plus the ride, or pick up in Northwest Alabama. Thanks, Jason
  13. jaak

    SOLD 68 Charger tail panel (trade only)

    I have a new never used 68 tail panel, I would like to trade for a 69/70 tail panel. Will trade for a reproduction, or an original cut from a parts car if its in good shape. Would be willing to drive within a 2-3 hr. radius of northwest Alabama to meet and trade, but would be willing to ship if...
  14. jaak

    New Year, New Toy....

    First thing, I finally cleaned up the rear part of my shop (its 40' long), so I parked the 68 long ways in the rear of my shop, so I still have the right bay open for oil changes,work on my daily drivers, side jobs, etc. Probably be spring before I start any real work on it. New AMD front...
  15. jaak

    New Year, New Toy....

    Its a pretty plain 68, it has a 318/904 currently in it, but VIN shows it was a factory 383-2bbl. No a/c, manual brakes, column shift/buddy seat. Body is actually in pretty good shape, found a couple of previous repairs I want to re-do. Tail panel is pretty rough, but got a new AMD tail panel...
  16. jaak

    New Year, New Toy....

    Drug it home today.... Jason
  17. jaak

    Where does exterior paint stop and interior paint start?

    This is the only pic I could find right now (of my car), but you pretty much use the holes for the door weather strip to mask off for interior paint. All the door jambs, hinge area, striker area are exterior color. Mask off at the weather strip line and paint everything inside that interior...
  18. jaak

    Need help trans guru's (727)

    Update... I did re-adjust the kickdown linkage, looks as if I didn't have the lever (on trans) pushed all the way foward when adjusting the first time, and it was a little low on trans fluid (looks like I got a leak at the seal on shaft where levers mount). Car is driving/shifting a million...