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  1. 68 Roadrunner

    Something to help decode your VIN and Fender Tag 1968 ONLY

    Very nice. Used it on mine and details are exact. Thanks for the info. Found out some things I was looking to verify.
  2. 68 Roadrunner

    fly wheel cover-inspection cover

    I was viewing the post as I have an 11" clutch, Lakewood bell housing and currently no inspection cover which is leaking oil back through the undercarriage. Do you have a recommendation on which cover would fit and have clearance for that bell housing? Thanks.
  3. 68 Roadrunner

    Valve Cover Gaskets 68 Roadrunner 383

    Thanks for the replies. I'm going with the cork and permatex since the stock heads edges are a bit rough. I contacted Tony at Tony's parts also, didn't know he would reply immediately but he did and recommended the same. Huge thanks to all that replied. Appreciate you.
  4. 68 Roadrunner

    Valve Cover Gaskets 68 Roadrunner 383

    What's the best gasket set to use? the Moroso rubber ones on it were leaking and I am not a fan of leaks. Very irritating. I would like to replace them and not worry about it or have the leaking. Any suggestions as I am sure this has occurred before. The Mopar performance gaskets from Mancini...
  5. 68 Roadrunner

    SOLD 69 roadrunner 4 speed numbers a4 silver

    Can you post some more pics?
  6. 68 Roadrunner

    The 1968-71 Road Runner registry is back online

    This thing doesn't work.
  7. 68 Roadrunner

    Something to help decode your VIN and Fender Tag 1968 ONLY

    Nice!!! It's better than anything I have seen so far. Thank you for sharing!
  8. 68 Roadrunner

    Coming over from road runners only

  9. 68 Roadrunner

    What did you do to your Mopar today?

    Put in some Hi-Test, found a quiet Ocala country road and BURNED SOME RUBBER!!!!!!!!! What the hell, needed new tires anyway. Now I got an excuse to get em, heh, heh.
  10. 68 Roadrunner

    Went to Don Garlits Museum last month

    Fortunately for me I live 1 hour south. I visit often and cant wait for " Mopars with Big Daddy" this month! Daytona Turkey Run also. Man I love November!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. 68 Roadrunner

    68 Roadrunner headlight bezel interchangeability?

    Try Laysons. I bought rear bezels there and they have quality products.
  12. 68 Roadrunner

    hello from México

    Welcome to the site!!!!!!!!!
  13. 68 Roadrunner

    new to site

    Welcome and show us some car **** !!!!!!!!!!!
  14. 68 Roadrunner

    Charger vs Roadrunner

    I like both, too close to call
  15. 68 Roadrunner

    Happy 47th Birthday Joeychgo! (6th of July)

    Happy birthday Joey! Many more to come!!!!!!!!!!!! - - - Updated - - - Happy birthday Joey! Many more to come!!!!!!!!!!
  16. 68 Roadrunner

    new guy great forum

    Welcome " new guy"
  17. 68 Roadrunner

    1968 Roadrunner door emblems?

    Try here: I got mine here. Quality. Been on the car since 2008 and still look brand new.
  18. 68 Roadrunner

    Who else travels for work?

    I do as well and you are correct on all. Kinda sucks that's why I make the most of it when I am home. LOOOOOONNNNNGGGGG drives help ease the pain!
  19. 68 Roadrunner

    Daytona Turkey Rod Run

    More Turkey Run Here is some more - - - Updated - - - A few more