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    SOLD New Ehrenberg RB Electronic Distributor Kit

    If still available I am interested.
  2. RRGTX

    SOLD NOS MOPAR 440 spark plugs

    i would like the other set
  3. RRGTX

    Jeff beck wont be down for breakfast

    RIP Jeff. I didn’t know he played slide guitar on Bon Jovi song Blaze of Glory.
  4. RRGTX

    Spark plug choice

    If you decide to part with your spares I am interested
  5. RRGTX

    My 71 Road Runner 340/727 F7

    good luck with the resto, keep us updated
  6. RRGTX

    Barrett Jackson Experience?

    I was at BJ last year. We went for the first 4 days. We did not see much in the way of auction action but most of the cars were on display. We made a long weekend out of it. We did a tour of frank lloyd wright Taliesen studio. Very interesting.
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    Wonder if it tastes like octane boost?

    Saw this in the liquor store…
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    Starting SR 71-71 Engines

    You can see an SR-71 up close at the Smithsonian
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    A disheartening sight - car fire wastes a beautiful 57

    Everyone pls carry an extinguisher! Four years ago if I didn’t have one on the back seat floor my 71 it would have been lost. The fuel filter sprung a pin hole leak and within 30 seconds the engine was fully engulfed. It took every lb of extinguisher to get it out. I was lucky, recognized the...
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    A disheartening sight - car fire wastes a beautiful 57

    57 bowtie up in flames. I wonder if he had an extinguisher and just could not get it out before it was fully ablaze. No one hurt when classic car caught on fire
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    71 Charger R/T production numbers

    Link to the 71 Charger registry…
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    Let's See Your 71-74 Chargers

    Mr. Norms car
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    72 roadrunner for sale - not mine

    and a white top on white paint, not too common.
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    72 roadrunner for sale - not mine

  15. RRGTX

    72 roadrunner for sale - not mine

    Not mine, located in SE PA
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    Who Likes Aircraft ?

  17. RRGTX

    One of my neighbors made this cool video of Garden of the Gods.

    It’s a beautiful park....
  18. RRGTX

    Real street signs

    PA has some interesting town names: Intercourse Bird In Hand Virginville Blue Ball