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  1. Artis

    Clutch for Tremec TKX

    Hello guys! What are reliable clutch options for street use with Tremec gearbox. Engine will be 440/512 stroker, Eddy rpm heads, KB Hyper pistons. On paper it should reach 500+ hp and same torque. My goal is to get softer pedal than original that can handle all power. What are you using on...
  2. Artis

    Small block transmission

    Looking for a new automatic transmission for 318 engine ( 70' charger ). + converter. What stall I should take? Where I can purchase full kit that will fit directly? any suggestions? Whats your experience buying new transmission? Engine is freshly rebuilt, with 256 int./262 exh. camshaft...
  3. Artis

    318 valves

    My 70' charger heads needs an oversize exhaust valves. If Im correct, last oversize valve stem diameter is 0.372' / 9.45mm. If its >0.372' then whats the options? Valves from 340 or 360 heads? Make bore for valve guides? Change heads? Help!!
  4. Artis

    440 rebuild

    Hello guys! Started to rebuild my 440 engine. In the beginning plan was simple - change couple of gaskets, oil pump, piston rings, bearings etc, After some measurements block needs overbore and camshaft needs to be changed. We all know - stock is boring so what would be the best to do...
  5. Artis

    318 camshaft question

    Hello, everyone! Decided to order intake kit for 318 engine. - https://www.summitracing.com/int/parts/cmb-03-0162 - https://www.summitracing.com/int/parts/cmb-03-0160 Each kit is with different camshaft. Which one is better for stock block? Engine will be for daily drive. Thanks!
  6. Artis

    318 stroker

    Hello! Got my 318 engine out of 70' charger and found out it's numbers matching... so I decided to keep it. Im thinking of stroker kit. Make some overbore, put on better cam, rockers, valves etc. for approx 300+hp for street use. Whats your experience building small block engines? Whats best...
  7. Artis

    Charger 318 rear end

    Hello guys! Can you help me figure out what kind of rear end is this? Car is 70' charger with 318 engine. It looks like 8 1/4' but it hasn't bleeding screw on cover.