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    There is just nothing like a classic car with manual steering

    Well now.....just wait until you are still driving a factory fast ratio manual steering A-body as you approach the 80th year of life. It's great on the open road, but you will need the arm strength of a 60 year old when you want to park the dang thing. A-body, not B-body mind you. Requests to...
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    69GTX four speed ?

    Interesting tidbit concerning a Dana rear axle. If you ordered your car with a 440 or hemi and wanted a 4 speed trans, then a Suregrip and the Dana rear was a mandatory option. My 67 Charger window sticker shows the 4 speed transmission @ $188.05 and the Suregrip heavy duty differential @...
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    1966 Charger $5500 (not mine)

    V-8 emblem could be 318 or 383 2 bbl. on 67 Charger. Same emblem on 66 could be 318 or 361.
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    Shenandoah Valley

    Front Royal
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    I have lived in VA my entire life of 77 years and counting. I got my VA drivers license in 1957 at age 15. Not bragging, but I can count the number traffic violations on one hand and not use all five fingers. I disagree with most the comments concerning this state and its law enforcement...
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    1st generation Charger in the movies

    I recently saw a movie on Ruth Bader Ginsburg's early life and was pleasantly surprised to see near the end of the movie a 66 or 67 Dodge Charger parked on the street. Nice frontal view showing the headlight doors closed. Also seen in the movie were some NYC cabs: a 1967 Plymouth Fury and a...
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    Thinking of Selling - Need some Advice on Venues

    Hemmings online is a good choice. I used their site a couple of months ago to sell my Charger. Relatively reasonable listing price ($100) gets you a one time picture listing in the monthly hard copy issue and an online posting that stays up until sold or removed. Last place I'd suggest is eBay...
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    Found the fender tag!!!

    Doesn't look like the remains of Certicard to me.
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    Time to Sick The Cops on UPS

    Mr. GunDealer should adopt the credit card company method and reasoning when shipping something that definitely attracts scavengers. Below is an email I received. Dear Patterson, We wanted to let you know that we mailed you a new credit card yesterday, and it should arrive in 3-5 business days...
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    Meryl Streep. Hollyweird

    What if......Ronald Reagan had spoken those words instead of Meryl Streep. Would the reaction be the same?
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    Help getting a compact Kubota tractor from LA to VA

    Tried him but routing doesn't work. Thanks for the suggestion. It may very well have to be a road trip.
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    Help getting a compact Kubota tractor from LA to VA

    Thank you, I will give em a try.
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    Help getting a compact Kubota tractor from LA to VA

    I know it's not a B-body, but with the varied expertise on this forum, I am hoping someone can recommend a transporter to move a compact Kubota from Shreveport, LA to Front Royal, VA. Thanks
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    Has anybody been looking for a car

    I haven't posted my car for sale on craigslist or ebay yet, but probably will give them a try. Both cl and ebay have a much larger audience of exposure to prospective buyers. I find slamming a posting unnecessary and offensive and yes it does exist in this forum. I stop reading when my level of...
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    Has anybody been looking for a car

    Well sure....hopefully this link will take an interested party to my ad posted in 2012. 67 L code Charger w/AC
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    Has anybody been looking for a car

    I have had a 67 L code Charger in my barn for 26 years waiting for that elusive restoration. I could easily be convinced to sell now it since my 74th birthday is fast approaching and I really don't want to do a full restoration. So, let's just say it is for sale.
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    Rechromed plastics for Mopars

    Price for 66 Barracuda instrument, radio and heater bezel restoration?