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    WTB 1968-1970 B body project

    I'm looking for a 1968-70 2 door B Body project car. Prefer something solid, automatic , clear title and close to Missouri, engine and trans aren't important. Thanks!
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    FOR SALE 1967 belvedere headlight bezels

    Looked at today, better than most used I've seen, but not for a show car. Pictures won't #$$^&^#@@# LOAD!!! - - - Updated - - - Here they are
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    FOR SALE 1967 belvedere headlight bezels

    67 belvedere headlight bezels, last time I saw them they were in very good condition $90 shipped
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    SOLD 1967 Belvedere trim

    All from a 1967 belvedere and in good condition. Trunk finish panel $75, pair of complete tail lights $75, front headlight bezels $75. The finish panel is not the same as a GTX or Satellite car. I'll post pictures this Saturday. Thanks,!
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    SOLD 1967 gtx

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    SOLD 1967 gtx

    - - - Updated - - - - - - Updated - - - These will have to work for now, I'm working a lot of O/T and won't be on computer till Friday nights. If you need more info on the car or parts send a PM for my phone # and we'll have a real conversation. Thanks
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    SOLD parting 1967 satellite

    Johns, you asked me the same question last month in another ad I posted. Sorry, I don't have the rubber filler, another member recommended reproduction. It's going to be tough to find 46 year old rubber in good condition.
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    SOLD 1967 gtx

    YES, and the price is not firm! I found a car I'm hopefully going to buy , so I'm open to reasonable offers, backed up with a deposit or better yet, cash in person.
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    SOLD 1967 gtx

    I'm taking pictures today and will post ASAP. It's a real 1967 GTX, old school build,black painted top, blue body, white interior, auto on the column, all jives with fender tag. NOM, now has a great sounding 1964 426 wedge with 440 heads and torker,headers, Accel dual point, 3:91 rear, new BFG's...
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    Comment by 'lugnutx2' in item '67 coronet 500'

    Best year for the B Body!!! Cool car to build!!!
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    who restores 67coronet RT Tail Panel

    I had a guy tell me that he had his 67 GTX finish panel redone by All Trim Plus in Sandy , Oregon. I wrote the name down, but have never contacted them.
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    SOLD parting 1967 satellite

    Originally 383 4 speed bucket seat car, engine trans and pedals are gone, not all, but most everything else is there. I'll ship the small stuff if the buyer wants to pay shipping, I won't ship fenders, doors etc... PM with needs
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    Where have they all gone ?

    Dennis H nailed it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    SOLD power steering box

    Probably from a 68 B Body and will fit alot of other years and maybe E bodies too? I'm no expert, so research before you buy.
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    SOLD 67 GTX survivor

    I was kidding, my GTX isn't worth 10K, probably closer to crusher price! Good luck with E bay.
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    SOLD 67 GTX survivor

    Bring a trailer, take all of my MOPAR parts and I'll throw in 15K.
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    1967 gtx project $9500

    roller with rust free pass door $6500 Offer?
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    power steering box ID

    Don't know if it works or not, it was in the trunk of a project car. $50
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    power steering box ID

    Now I can sell it. Thanks!