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  1. beezee

    493 Stroker Cam and Intake Selection

    I have a complete custom spec comp cam solid flat tappet package from Dwayne Porter for a big block stroker BNIB . This was for a 68 Bee 496 ,373 gear ,3000 stall . very strong midrange where you want it . cam spec valve lift .571 in ,.579 ex , 255 ,261 duration @ .050 110 lobe separation...
  2. beezee

    unsilenced air filterfor HP mopars

    Drop base is available using a Proform "Ford" #302-350 air cleaner - - - Updated - - - K&N have filter elements for the unsilenced air cleaner 2 3/4 " x13" dia. The silenced air cleaner uses the 3 1/2" x 13" element,have both. Using the drop base to fit a taller intake
  3. beezee

    Tach location ?

    Tach Autometer Tach with bracket mounted in ashtray.
  4. beezee

    choke or no choke?

    Devon,I had a 950 Quickfuel Q-series ,no choke.I have now gone with the Fast EZ port injection and the Quickfuel is every bit as good as the EFI,in fact the carb started better than the EFI. Two pumps and it,s running. With a little heat in the engine I would "touch" the key with out touching...
  5. beezee

    Rack & Pinion

    Hey Mike ,check out PST linkage kit. http://www.p-s-t.com/pst-blog-Mopar-Fast-Ratio-Steering-Linkage-Kit.
  6. beezee

    Dyno Day - Crank vs. Wheel Numbers

    https://youtu.be/NwOE7uaDhbs This is where it really counts.
  7. beezee

    Birds, Bee, and a 747 Missile (Video)

    https://youtu.be/mcqkWRSxDOA https://youtu.be/NwOE7uaDhbs Drive to New Hamburg 2015 with some hot muscle. I had to add some music because my dashcam sound was off. Enjoy.
  8. beezee

    Please Help Identify & WIW

    Mike,your air grabber parts look like originals in good to excellent condition. The centre piece is repairable,no missing chunks or broken supports. The air cleaner looks repairable. Check e bay prices ,your sitting on some gold,a little short of platinum.
  9. beezee

    Please Help Identify & WIW

    Just checked ...Cayuga cancelled http://www.torontomotorsportspark.com/dragway/live-updates-from-the-track.html - - - Updated - - - Here,s the add for the air cleaner......... He,s been looking for this for awhile...
  10. beezee

    Please Help Identify & WIW

    Carter factory carbs have a tin tag on the top corner.Look on the base for stamping,s or choke horn. Not sure for Cayuga tomorrow,Frank would be wanting to go . So far I see no cancellations.
  11. beezee

    Please Help Identify & WIW

    Mike ....Does the air cleaner have a chunk cut out of the backside? Ram Chargers and Air Grabbers had 3 speed wipers to clear the air cleaner.
  12. beezee

    Please Help Identify & WIW

    Mike ,you have some rare and valuable stuff there. There,s a fellow in Lindsey looking for that air cleaner,looks mint. Should ask 400-450 for the air cleaner.The K&N filter is $100 plus. If you have the carb #,s I can see if it,s a factory 69 383 carb,4 speed or auto.
  13. beezee

    31 st Mopar Performance Club Spring Fling May 31st 2015

    Any fall tours planned Tom.Sarah did such a great job in the spring.
  14. beezee

    efi fuel line to engine bay - pics

    Just used the clamps supplied with the fuel pump and fastened to the floor with self tapping screws.The efi fuel line is cable tied to the original fuel line.
  15. beezee

    efi fuel line to engine bay - pics

    Used the original fuel line as the return,sumped the tank and run efi rated hose.
  16. beezee

    Need to fill empty garage space.

    I would own another one.....
  17. beezee

    Setting Curve - ProBillet

    FBO-4seconds flat have 10 degree bushings and tips on tuning. http://www.4secondsflat.com/MSD%20Distributor%20Tuning.htm
  18. beezee

    31 st Mopar Performance Club Spring Fling May 31st 2015

    Car show weekend, Teva in Stoufville Saturday that draws over 1000 cars and have pre registered. Mopar Race Day at Cayuga on Sunday, would like to see if the Bee can better 11:70,s. What to do?
  19. beezee

    First Super Bee built?

    Possible typo in the date code, A "B" instead of an 8 would make more sense,indicating an early Bee in the proper time frame.