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  1. win32exe

    Engine ID help

    Hey team, can anyone tell me what these engine numbers mean, its supposed to be a 360... Thank you
  2. win32exe

    Oil puddles on intake??

    how do i stop the oil puddles on the intake manifold? is the oil really chasing up the threads? i have taken out the bolts in that section of the intake and use gasket sealer on the threads and still get the oil puddles, did i not do a good job with the sealer on the threads? is there a better...
  3. win32exe

    Engine swap mount help

    Hey Team, seems my motor mounts are getting tired, too much movement when under torque, so i want to replace them with solids motor mounts. Can someone tell what i have in there now, its a 67 belvedere ii, someone put a 360 in it, so its been modded Questions: Is what you see in the pics an...