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  1. flyingfarley

    Best water pump?

    definetly a flow kooler...I get mine from Summit. Live in Florida and have one on every old car own......never a heating problem
  2. flyingfarley

    Racing Insurance and roll cage?

    Over the years i have insured many cars (over 6) with Hagerty and all had roll bars installed....never had a problem
  3. flyingfarley

    That's a whole lotta ugly for 3.8 million

    Makes a 61 Plymouth look pretty .......
  4. flyingfarley

    My Satellite is a porker!

    Back in the day my then new 1966 Coronet 440, 426 Hemi, 4 speed, Dana rear weighted in at 4040# on the drag strip scales. I was really surprised at that weight
  5. flyingfarley

    Whatever happened to the local speedshops ?

    Pretty hard to compete with the big chain store operations. Now throw in Amazon and it is impossible to compete. I needed two serpentine belts this week.....the local auto parts stores wanted over 100 bucks for the pair....checked Amazon....58.00 delivered for the pair.....same name...
  6. flyingfarley

    What year did they fix the 8 3/4 problem

    8 3/4 was the only rear available in a max wedge powered 62-64 Mopar
  7. flyingfarley

    Turkey Rod Run in Daytona?

    record crowds this year...the police closed the entrances at 2:00 on Friday...the place was packed on Friday & Saturday...get there real early or you will wait in line to get in....
  8. flyingfarley

    Daytona Beach!!!!

    You can drive on the beach, and park for some sunshine on lots of the beaches in the daytona area....you have to pay...but the beaches are crowded on event weekends
  9. flyingfarley

    HI/REV Speed shop

    Great to hear from you....Russ was truly a pioneer in the speed equipment business, a great friend, and was sorry to hear when he left us.....I had 15 or so great years working for and with him.....
  10. flyingfarley

    At Our local cruise in.....

    If I remember right the remounted relay bracket was only on stick shift cars, not automatics.
  11. flyingfarley

    rear universal for a 69 charger with 8 3/4 sure grip

    do you have a pinion snubber on the car? The rear axle may be torqueing/twisting up to much under acceleration and breaking the ujoint that way. I have had a couple of 500 inch motors in HP street cars and have never broken a joint...just be sure you have the bigger of the two u-joints mopar...
  12. flyingfarley

    1964 vin stamps

    There is the s/o number on the radiator support and on the rear package tray on the driverside back of the tray, near the back window...Chrysler historical or what ever Chrysler/Fiat calls it today can supply you with all the information on your car from that number...I have not done it in many...
  13. flyingfarley

    1967 Hemi lifter identification

    Not really sure that is true....I believe I have seen solid lifters that had internal pieces and filled with oil to make them solids.....I am sure someone out there has more knowledge than I do tho...waiting for someone smarter than I to chime in...
  14. flyingfarley


    This method worked for me......ordered my parts and got a 10% discount......THANKS PST
  15. flyingfarley

    64 Dodge only

    Love 64 wagons...always wanted to convert one to a two door wagon
  16. flyingfarley

    A833 OD limits?

    I turned mine down to the bigger of the two standard sizes that mopar used.....mine was behind a small block but I had a lakewood bellhousing, which had the bigger mopar hole...would be easy to have a machine shop bore out the hole in the factory bellhousing to the 5.125 hole size
  17. flyingfarley

    Did OEM use odd ball size rod bearings.....440

    I have had a hemi and a 440 with a Maltese cross on the ID pad.......the both had not standard size rod bearings...I think Chrysler used those on cranks they screwed up.
  18. flyingfarley

    A833 OD limits?

    I have turned down the big front bearing retainer to fit in a regular bellhousing....but the gear ratios in the tranny are not ideal...never have broke one tho...
  19. flyingfarley

    HI/REV Speed shop

    I worked for them from 1971 untill they closed all the stores......I opened the Eau claire and the Schofield stores in the early 70's....and then moved to Marshfield to work in the home store purchasing dept..... and then into running the Marshfield retail store untill they all closed. Great...
  20. flyingfarley

    How to determine if an aftermarket intake is for RB or B block?

    No sir...sold it a while back...Thanks