1969 Plymouth GTX, TRUE OE Build, Like the day it rolled out of the factory

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  • Behind every car and especially a classic car there is sometimes an amazing heart felt story. Those stories and the associations with the owners, families, and friends carry on for a long time and hopefully forever. From good times and tragic events these cars sometimes experience it all with us. When this relates to a classic car it gets attached to a particular make, brand and model. The one in particular of course is a 1969 Plymouth GTX.....

    Below is the link to the build thread for my car that scored 995 out of a 1000 points.........Yes, the "little guy" with a garage, common tools, jack stands and no lift...Can build a car to the level and above the highest quality shops in the country.....Proof is in the work......

    Enjoy......PM me anytime if you need any help or have questions!

    IMG_1245.jpg IMG_20140831_094532571_HDR.jpg DSC03180.jpg DSC04211.jpg GTX 9.jpg IMG_1467.jpg GTX 12.jpg
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  1. WickedRT
    Really nice GTX. I found one in the same color combo about 6 years ago. It had a red stripe on the bottom outside. It was in bad shape but fixable, went back with the cash and someone bought it. Regret not moving a few days faster on it.
  2. Wojo68
    From the story behind the build, to the “how” and the “how to”. Great job!
  3. Beep!Beep!
    nice to see someone do it themselves!
  4. Div1Racer
    Thanks for sharing....what a beautiful car!!!!! It's a story like this that inspires me to keep moving forward with my project.

  5. SSSN8KE
    Congratulations! Great build
  6. BlackDogHemi
    Love it!
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  7. dantheman
    almost as nice as my Eagles beating the cowgirls. awesome work, congrats!!!
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    1. moparnation74
      cannot disagree with you on that one...Steelers fan here!
      moparnation74, Dec 24, 2019
  8. ryobiguy
    great job, be proud!
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  10. 68Moparmaniac
    She's a beauty:thumbsup:
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