1971 Dodge Charger 400 to 512ci was 383

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  • Getting her back on the road. Love Dodge Chargers. Orig. 383 gone and had 400. Stroking to 512. waiting for loading.jpg
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  1. moparcrazy
    car looks really neat painter like that, and that motor looks like its gonna Be Mean !!
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  2. Don Chapel
    Just picked up my 512 short block!! Cant wait to hear her run!!
  3. Moparstyle
    I agree keep the paint job thats cool good luck with your build
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  4. philcollins
    Nice, keep that paintand wheels.
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  5. davek
    good luck and I like the paint job.
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    1. Don Chapel
      So do I. Even if I have to paint it Ill probably leave it the same. Kind of reminds me of those times!!
      Don Chapel, Dec 6, 2017