66 Coronet Hardtop

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  • new wheels.jpg View attachment 676284 View attachment 676281 Fell in love with the red paint and white stripe and roof, no rust issues with body or frame. Hoping to replace front bench with factory style buckets and center console. Dash needs work but its all there. 383 was built by prior owner and seems healthy, my guess a moderate cam, Edelbrock intake, Holly carb, Headman headers with very nicely built dual exhaust with cutouts. Will be adding a 67 3.5 inch hemi hood scoop. The new photo above is with 15x4 wheels and MT front runners and 15x8 with 275-60-15 MT DOT Sportsman slicks.

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  1. bearman
    sweet, sweet and just plain sweet
  2. Bigtime
    I think it's beautiful! Love the white and red. I'd keep the bench and have the interior done in white vinyl or leather....just sayin'.
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    1. Hey-O
      Just sayin' the same thing!!!
      Hey-O, Dec 16, 2018
  3. Faux Coronet RT
    Like the red/white. I bought aftermarket buckets from www.onlineupolsteryandmore.com and are pretty happy with them. They recline and vinyl is holding up well. He put pics on his website of them (white with headrests) and they are also in this site under Faux Coronet RT pics if you want to search. Good luck.
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    1. JackpotJim
      Thank you for the info. Did not know about Online Upholstery.
      JackpotJim, Oct 16, 2018
  4. twecomm
    Beautiful !
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  5. 340challconvert
    Like your car!
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  6. ksurfer2
    Red Scoop. BTW beautiful car!!!!
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  7. HD539
    Nice car, red sure looks nice on the current hood.
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  8. SDCoronet
    Very very nice - beautiful red. I would think the scoop should be white. Maybe with a large white stripe down the middle of the hood that is the width of the scoop? Please post pics of the engine and interior.
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  9. TBONE
    I would go red. If you want some white, then 2 stripes following the contours on top.
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  10. 62440
    It's a beauty James, 1 vote for the white scoop
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    1. 66383
      How much $ for the buckets from onlineupholstery?
      66383, Nov 7, 2018
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