67 R/T restoration

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  • First group of pictures was how she was when I first bought her. There were lots of incorrect parts and mechanical issues.
    77A85532-C03C-4D52-9FE0-27E2506A9351.jpeg 553AC62B-2FC4-4D79-830F-B0395BF694C0.jpeg A46EAF7A-88F5-4366-B6B2-ECD97659BCB7.jpeg 2BA68344-8951-4800-AFBF-BDA149A961CE.jpeg 0FB6D18B-2FF0-4FD3-8749-6C0B234F7C19.jpeg 2930DB18-89A9-4691-B656-762741C6B09D.jpeg F83C665D-BA28-4FC5-81D1-EDDC199CB4C1.jpeg CE4DD894-C18F-41FF-B0ED-410E93301020.jpeg 8ACD15E3-D54C-4592-8F10-345A18E7A352.jpeg 1609C277-E1CE-4CDD-95DF-C952774514B1.jpeg 14E2493F-2EA5-448C-B94F-80816F93962B.jpeg 8E8F44F2-FFE9-4A90-AAB5-1320FC5DFDC6.jpeg

    One of the first things I tackled was a leaking 8 3/4 rear end. I bigger job than I thought, but I wanted to do it right, so I took the opportunity to replace all the bearings at the same time. I also changed the wheels back from the incorrect Torque Thrust (which I kind of liked) to the correct Magnum 500 wheels. When I took delivery of the car, the tires were rubbing so bad on the inner fenders,it couldn’t be driven. Something the inspection company failed to disclose. Needless to say, I wasn’t happy. There was also something weird going on with how the rear brakes were set up and so I went ahead and rebuilt those completly.

    3D4E31C5-0B49-4BD2-B15F-DD16845308B3.jpeg C2E7303A-3070-446A-A15D-92234CB5B7AF.jpeg 6A810907-2257-4274-9AA8-18838101334C.jpeg

    The next think to address was coolant leaking from underneath the motor. Not from a place you would normally associate from a loose or damaged hose. I finally figured out that someone had recently rebuilt the motor, but skipped putting new freeze plugs in. They had corroded through and so I had to replace them all. What a pain!


    Just as I finished these tasks, car show season was over and I decided to ship the car to a local MOPAR Restoration shop to address some other mechanical and electrical issues and to replace the dash with the correct instruments, including the correct 150mph speedometer. The car was gone for 10 months. When I received the car back, the shop I took it to strongly recommended a complete front suspension rebuild. I decided to drive to a couple of local car shows the second half of the season before starting back in on an interior refresh. The car had originally come with a console and factory tachometer. Tracking the tach and correct shifter rod for a console equipped care was no easy (or cheap) task. But I found everything I needed. I also decided to use this time to upgrade the front drum brakes to disc. This was a wise decision since I was able to go fast now, but stopping had been a different issue.

    671929D4-A18D-4FA9-801D-433F39C8EF86.jpeg 27A1B665-FE93-485A-8689-BC89AE2D78FF.jpeg D4630A3E-DB66-4658-A39C-42989536388E.jpeg 01703C1D-A2A0-486D-81AC-1E28A7E2EC6E.jpeg

    After these tasks were complete, I decided to send the car off for a refresh of the paint. The car had been painted just prior to my purchase, but I wasn’t real happy with some of the flaws in the paint. So I sent it off to my guy who did a thorough cut, respray and buff. While the car was gone, I took the opportunity to restore the front headlight buckets as well as the trunk trim panel and taillight bezels. I had to do the painting which took untold hours and was a real pain.
    8BEF3496-ADF4-4FE2-8DD3-7169E6CBB002.jpeg 778CF3E9-C074-459C-AE5C-EAA4024F8107.jpeg 2E66B883-EE3E-4351-A482-F5FE9AF66A5D.jpeg 55A61F86-47BF-4557-A7CE-16D14BE3316F.jpeg 09DEF9D7-5882-4BD0-BDF6-093199ADE817.jpeg 0D9F99A8-4424-43D6-9587-D5D5B77362A0.jpeg 4358799A-2C94-49FA-8F8B-1D50659CC675.jpeg 488CEB81-2763-4F00-B9B5-EAE0AD885D42.jpeg 3A080EAD-FA9B-4E3B-B4E7-5590349C4355.jpeg 2138AA86-CF95-4A94-9090-D6A3599034F4.jpeg A28708AA-AF8D-49A9-9EC4-955E251F56C6.jpeg B8D118A7-2F7E-44E4-8DCD-114217793346.jpeg 6E0FBB74-F8D8-4301-B2F2-8B62C0FA93BA.jpeg

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  1. Rich.Morgan9594
  2. tbmopar74
    Beautiful! That is a work of art. Nice job!
  3. blue69runner
    Stand proud you have a real nice car there. :thumbsup:
  4. 65_Satellite
    Looks really nice. Great job.
      Jay Williamson likes this.
  5. gooser
    yes alot of work but now its right good for you nice car
      Jay Williamson likes this.
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