72 GTX

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  1. 72*birdman
    Made more cosmetic changes to the car. Sorry for the crappy pictures. New hood pins and side markers. Replaced the front bumper and detailed the grill using the cracked bezel I had, pounded out the front valance as best I could until they stamp some new ones. New tires all the way around 225/70/15 front and 235/60/15 rear. have everything for a front end rebuild but not looking forward to it. Replaced the after market steering wheel and rewired the radio.
  2. watermelon
    nice ride

    i am biased to gold cars n bars though

    enjoy many happy miles in it

  3. multimopes
    Beautiful 72! A friend of mine had the exact opposite color scheme. Body was deep green and had a gold interior. It was a special order and they told him it was an undesirable combo. What a crock, just like yours it was special. By the way, what size were the slot mags? I am looking for a pair of 15x10's. :)
    1. 72*birdman
      They are a matched set of 4 15x7 US mags that are mopar bolt pattern so I will be hanging on to them. I think they will clean up nicely. Sorry
      72*birdman, Jun 5, 2017
  4. MFP
    Lovely very straight looking car mate , don't think I've seen that colour combination before , is it original colours ? Gold paint with green velour interior? I'm Not picking fault just asking so I can learn :thumbsup:
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    2. MFP
      I've seen that velour before ... Personally I would keep it all green ... Mines all blue ( very blue actually have ha ha ) the greens a great talking point and imo would be a shame to swop it all over and have a green interior sitting in your garage ...
      MFP, May 26, 2017
    3. 72*birdman
      Here is the blue interior on my old 72 Roadrunner, not velour but as you say very blue.
      72*birdman, May 27, 2017
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    4. MFP
      That's the one ! .... My wife glances into the the car ... Slowly turns to face me with perfect timing and slams down the killer line ...." Break out the foster grants " .....
      MFP, May 30, 2017
  5. Lenny B
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  6. Michael McFadden
    I love it!!! Especially those sexy shackles peeking out from underneath. (I have them also.)
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  7. mmissile
    Dig the car and especially the odd color-combo! I wouldn't change anything I see...except for a stock steering wheel and greener dash pad.
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  8. kiwigtx
    A very cool GTX. :thumbsup:
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