72 Roadrunner Clone Short Lived Gallery Before and After pics

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  1. joshb1983
    car looked good...how bad was it? u gonna fix it..get a new front clip?
  2. Erike
    That sucks! Hate to see a Mopar hammered.
  3. 1970 roadrunner lover
    sorry about your loss i bet it makes you sick seeing your car like this
  4. 72Satellite440
    Sry about your loss man- maybe I should splurge and get the disc brakes upgrade
  5. beep beep 1973 stroker
    man that sucks i have a nice 73 if interested 472 stroker 419 485 0203 nw ohio
  6. Sonny Black
  7. capt Larry
  8. 69roadrun
    ouch sorry man that makes me sick
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