73 Charger Car Pr0n!!!

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  • Some of these are from the first day I went to look. Others are from when I got her home. Some are after I started cleaning things out bit. As I do more, Ill add more. Front seats are rough, but savable I think. Anyways, hope you enjoy these as much as I do.

    First fire after getting it home

    Getting better

    After the new plugs

    Because isn't it what you do when you have a Charger?
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  1. Mazzif
    So were still being hit with snow and cold, but still able to get some things done. I purchased a new fuel tank, but hit a snag. Car has a custom tow package that is welded in. Totally blocks my access to the strap bolts. Ugh. So I did a little testing and narrowed my fuel line blockage all the way back to the sending unit. I dropped the tail pipe to give me some room and got the sending unit out. It was locked up tight. I took an old spring and stretched it out into a wire and attached it to my cordless drill as a type of hand made roto-rooter. Ran the wire down the sending unit tube and ran the drill. With some effort I was able to free the blockage. New filters and lines and clamps, fresh fuel and some treatment for good measure. Removed the temp gas can from under the hood and, primed the fuel line and reattached the lines. She fired up for me. I was happy to save a 100$ on a sending unit and keep everything original. Now my test drives can get a little bit longer.

    Tank straps blocked

    Sending Unit Out

    Repaired and back in

    off and running
  2. Mazzif
    Sounding a little more proper now.
  3. 340challconvert
    Nice find
    Good luck with her
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