D-man's 72 RR roadkill special

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  1. Riverdawg
    Looks like a great project. Good luck with the build.
  2. Jerry Hall
    Tell me more about your fuel injection & engine specs.
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    2. 6872n73
      used a cam sensor from a jeep 4.0l. cut the base off of an old distributor and bored out the shaft hole to accept the jeep cam sensor. I later learned that the ford 3.0 cam sensor will fit in the Jeep cam sensor body and is more reliable.

      I guessed that this engine combo is about 450 hp max so I used injector calculators online and found the flow to be 35lbs/hr. looked on ebay and found a set flow tested and guaranteed from a 5.0 mustang.
      6872n73, Jun 29, 2020
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    3. 6872n73
      I was going to use a gm ls 75mm truck TB but I was going to have to drill the intake, so I opted to spend the money on the Holley tapered bore TB and only drill the intake 1 time.
      Using ls1 coil packs, mounted on the swaybar brackets an made wires ran low to conceal them.
      1 wire knock sensors from a 454 truck
      6872n73, Jun 29, 2020
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    4. 6872n73
      I made the wiring harness, it was intended for the holley TBI but i went sequential EFI so that was most of the time spent. All of the wiring connectors, fuel pump sensors (all are Gm/ls1 except cam sensor) are from pullaparts.
      I had the air cleaner on an elbow from the TB but when the air temps reached 120 ish, is started leaning out and nosing over so I fabbed up the piping to the fender.
      all in all I have about 2800$ in the EFI setup and man it is a lot of fun!
      6872n73, Jun 29, 2020
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    Cool ride when it's all done!
  4. blue69runner
    Look's like a good project.
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