Great Grandmas Coronet

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  • 12060.jpeg 8747.jpeg 8750.jpeg 8753.jpeg 1967 Coronet 440 4dr. A/c, automatic, 383 2bbl. Engine being stroked to 496 w fuel injection. Serpentine pulley. Aluminum radiator w dual electric vans. 727 rebuild to handle 700 lb/ft torque w gear vendors o/d. Front disc conversion. Sure grip w/3.73's in 8-3/4 diff. New gas tank and 3/8 lines w inline electric fuel pump for fuel injection. Will update as I go along. IMG_20140927_164101842 (1).jpg 20180409_133833.jpg

    1/30/19: New 15x7 wheels w/original stainless dog dish poverty caps and tires. TTI 2-1/8" stepped headers and full 3" exhaust w/H pipe. Instrument cluster w/rebuilt speedo, voltmeter conversion, new voltage limiter and needles painted.

    2/9/19 Got the center section n axles back. Making progress. Drilled n tapped housing for 1/8 NPT magnetic drain plug.
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  1. Turboomni
    Very cool car.:thumbsup:
  2. Mattkowalski
    Awesome, I never see four doors get fixed up like that. Great colors too.
  3. e-440
    Outstanding!, Nice to see someone fixing a 4 door. I had that same car many years ago with a slant six automatic, Still my favorite.
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  4. FrnkNsteen
    Pretty cool. My Grandpa had a dark green 69 coronet 4-door. Pretty cool that you are doing something with it!
      diesel_lv likes this.
  5. Hey-O
    Talk about stepping out side of the box, GV and all!! Nice car!
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  6. 62440
    I like it, talk about sleepers. Cool car
      diesel_lv likes this.
  7. 67belvedere/225
    awesome ride , the close cousin of my car . sedan fan
      diesel_lv likes this.
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