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Local Cruise-In 9-8-23

It was hot and humid. Weather forecast called for storms. Wife was wary... After some thought, it occurred to me that I don't know how many of these I'll have the opportunity to attend in the near future... So, of course we went - with Fred!

About this Mopar:

1968 Plymouth GTX by VIN, rescued from a field in rural SW Virginia over 15 years ago
by the previous owner.
I bought him "finished" a dozen years ago from the P.O.
Since then, every single mechanical, electrical, plumbing and interior system has been
rebuilt/replaced/repaired - everything short of the paint is my part of the ressurection,
most of which were undertaken as I recovered from various of a half dozen cancer
fights, surgeries, etc. over recent years.
Great therapy, these cars!

These pics were taken by some of the local photographers at the Cruise-In Friday evening -
and the storms just missed us, too.:thumbsup:

(If you look closely, you can see my left paw waving at Randy the photog).


A lot of the earlier arrivals avoided this "no parking zone".
I didn't...shaved ice, anyone? :)


One thing I can't take credit for is Fred's stance; the tire size stagger gives him a natural
attitude which is about perfect IMO.
The lines of the '68 hardtops are cleaner and dead sexy to me, too - and although I could
put all the "gingerbread" (trim) back on him that these came with, I won't. I like him
clean like this.


Fred always gets the attention of some hardy souls at these shows; the color is apparently
what grabs folks' attention. (It's also how I came to buy him to begin with, too - wife saw
him the first time and loved the color....that was all she wrote from there).


Yours truly a lounging in a chair behind Fred, wife at my side, right there in the street...
We had already gone off to eat dinner in the local historic hotel and have a stroll around
all the other cars on Main Street afterwards.
It occurred to me at the time that not a lot of folks get such opportunities in this life.
A fella could do worse at the end of his journey.


Handsome fella, that Fred. I gotta admit.
BTW, notice the lady invading Fred's space back there?
Yeah, we had a "level 1" chat about such things...
Told her he already had been buffed, so kindly remove her butt-buffer offa him, please. :)
She thought I was kidding around but complied.
Turns out - I wasn't. After all...
One can scold with a smile on ones' face, too. :lol:


Thanks for taking us along with ya again Ed.
In my experience here thus far…
The combination of you, the wife and Fred never cease to breathe life into this place.
Hi Ed
Fred's looking good as always and it's nice to see some pictures of him
And you're right to say those body lines and that stance is sexy!
Always been my favorite as well.
Happy to see you out having fun and take care.

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