My 1972 SE

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  • 1-1972 SE from CR ad..jpg
    Found this on Craigslist for 2500. missing engine, trans and hood. most of the other parts found inside the car.
    Coming home.
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    4-Reassembled front end..jpg
    Reassembled front end. found everything in the car, its in good shape.
    driver quality for now.
    5-This ol boy is not down with me working on the car taday..jpg
    Guard mantis.
    6-Found a hood on CR...100 bucks...score.....jpg
    Found a hood on CL for $100 .
    I was planning a scoop/ram air set up, maybe snorkel off a demon?
    9-70 383HP mock up.....bought it disassembled..jpg
    Scored a engine from the CL, got lucky. think I paid 800.00 for it with a 4 gear 727.
    it was rebuilt 20 years ago then taken apart and stored. only found cam and rocker shafts missing once I got it home.
    70 HP 383, .060 over and .020 under. I installed the 268 comp cam.
    10-Short block ready..jpg
    Short block done.
    11-Long block ready..jpg
    Long block done.
    Complete engine, ready to go on k-member.
    Cool valve covers came with engine.
    15.4-low HP manifold..jpg
    Funky low hp manifold with small outlet.
    15.6-Engine with HP manfold..jpg
    complete engine with hp manifold.
    15.7-EngineTrans assem reardy to fire..jpg
    Complete engine/trans ready to fire up.
    20-Dash w aftermarket tach and radio..jpg
    Dash almost done. installed aftermarket tach and radio.
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    22.2-Shifter brackets mocked up and tacked..jpg
    Shifter brackets tacked in.
    22-Test fit seats and console..jpg
    Test fit seats and console.
    23-Floor done..jpg
    Floor done, shifter brackets and seat reinforcements welded in and floor painted.
    57-First parts installed..jpg
    First parts installed. yee haa.
    58-Mopar gods where looking down on  me today..jpg
    A 10 dollar HF rolling dolly and a floor jack, installed engine/trans assembly by myself...and a little help from the Mopar gods.
    The body is so light I can lift it from one side and it still goes up level while pivoting on rear tires.
    I can easily move the body around while lowering it over the engine.
    59 Watch the dip stick..jpg
    Watch the dip stick.
    Close, but clears no issue.
    60-She is home..jpg
    All bolted up.
    Current status as of 02/10/2018.
    Yes I did spray paint the booster gold metallic.
    Hey, it is a Mopar color. 04 Stratus I think.
    Back of dash so far. aftermarket tach and radio.
    trying to put it back as original as possible.
    still trying to figure out vacuum lines.
    I installed a 74 heater/evap box and the hoses are a little different.
    Correct for 72, 2 ports unused.
    This one is a for 74, no unused ports.
    Here is the 74 hvac box. only diff was clips instead of
    screws holding the to half's together.
    Not a good pic. this is a grommet under the hvac box
    with another vacuum hose. not sure why. the heater valve is cable
    controlled on a 72 b body. the vacuum source for the control head
    comes in left of the brake booster along with the heater control valve cable.
    I think? not a lot of real clear info on this system.
    I do have the FSM, parts and body manuals.
    This dimple just above the acc petal might be a good spot for tach grommet..jpg
    I am thinking this dimple just above the acc petal is
    a good spot for the tach wire grommet.
    it appears to be the right size for 1/2 grommet.
    Ready for a road test. 05/2018
    Maiden voyage to the depot.
    Just for the record, I am not doing full on restoration on this. I just want a decent driver.
    At this point I would be happy if it was all one color of primer.
    Finally primed a panel.
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  1. Ironbuilt
    I love the primer "street beater" look. Good luck.
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  2. Moparstyle
    Great find nice work :thumbsup:
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  3. 1972GY8SE
  4. Charger72
    Reminds me of mine, good luck with it.
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