One off 56

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  • IMG_20160423_135537.jpg IMG_20160423_122802.jpg IMG_20160702_154449.jpg IMG_20160702_154449.jpg 1956 Plymouth two foot shorter than a duster niceinterior hope to go down the track this summer.lve been racin the cuda this year .hemi gettin doner every month

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  1. 1967 GTXDroptop
    Excellent choices in cars, Sir. My family's first Dodge was a 56 with the small Hemi. Dad loved to open it up going from Phoenix to Nogales. Made me love Dodge even more. You have my vote for THE Mopar garage
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  2. Moparguy59
    40 years of dragging cars home on a Friday night while a lot of cats were out running whores and partying,left a no talent bum like me with lots of married at 37 and she died 11years late of acute leukemia ,the Lord walked me thru it but l wouldn't recommend it .More later.

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  3. 62440
    Kool Rides, I think we need more details
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  4. Bigtime
    I join the rest in saying that I love 'em all!
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    1. Moparguy59
      I've got a 71 cud a drag project .but the superbird has to get painted after three winters
      Moparguy59, Jan 1, 2019
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  5. multimopes
    Dern it, ya'll just had to add the Cuda! Ya got me droolin and I half shorted out my keyboard! :D
    1. Moparguy59
      All it takes is focus,no bad habits& no luxuries like toilet paper etc
      Moparguy59, Dec 30, 2018
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  6. 66383
    Love the Demon!
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  7. Hey-O
    Very nice!! Thanks for sharing
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  8. multimopes
    There is one problem I have when viewing your collection; I can't decide which one I like best! Thank you for posting, I love them all!
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