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  • Plan on road tripping the hell out of it. Don’t ask when it’s getting painted.
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  1. 340challconvert
  2. bobgears
    Very cool car! Nice work
    nice to see you are getting it done. My 1970 roadrunner is still in body shop hell
  4. Hey-O
    My last car I was waiting for this or that and missed out on a lot of road time. The car is fine!!......... Let The Horses Run !!
  5. Bigtime
    I just posted, but wanted to add a comment:
  6. Bigtime
    Road trip it for sure, and WHO CARES when it gets painted! ENJOY the car!
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  7. Satellite360
    Master power brakes.
    Front 4piston calipers
    Rear single piston
    Fit in 15” wheels
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