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  • 68 Plymouth Roadrunner born Nov 1 1967. Home ported 906 big valve 214 181 270 cfm. 438 CI. Isky 1012B. Crane gold. Holley 9380. 4 speed Hurst comp plus centerforce Richmond 4.56. Hooker 1 7/8 super comp. 3 inch custom exahust H pipe. Quicktime cutouts. Subframe connectors. Super stock springs. Snubbed. Looped. Competition engineering drag shocks. All original sheet metal, floors, quarters, bumpers, glass, stainless trim, gas tank, ect. 59k original miles. Number matching. Full interior. 11.89

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  1. blue69runner
    Fantastic. Like the body looks rally straight. Know you are really enjoying it. :thumbsup:
  2. sts1985
    Where did you get the fiberglass hood from?
  3. moparlore
    Beautiful car.. what size wheels and tires on the front? They look like a good fit and still an aggressive stance. I got a good deal on a set of wheels and tires, but I hate the pizza cutter wheels. Way too skinny. Thank you for your time.
    1. Stroker68
      28 7.5 15 Mickey Thompson 90000000595 old school crager draglites. Good luck man. Thanks for the compliment.
      Stroker68, Oct 27, 2019
  4. FC7 Dart
    Awesome!! Absolutely wicked ride!
    Just curious where you got those yellow headlights? I'm digging them for my 68 but honestly haven't found a whole lot online about them. They seem quite rare to find~
    1. Stroker68
      Wagner 4412a. Thanks for the compliments man.
      Stroker68, Sep 18, 2019
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    2. Riverdawg
      I believe there is a paint or coating you can put on the lights.
      Riverdawg, Sep 19, 2019
      FC7 Dart likes this.
  5. smilla
    want to have that car super nice
    1. Stroker68
      Appreciate it smilla. You have good taste. Lol
      Stroker68, Sep 11, 2019
  6. cruizer88
    beautiful car
    1. Stroker68
      Appreciate it cruizer.
      Stroker68, Sep 10, 2019
  7. BBodyC
    Have you pulled plugs to see if you are running lean
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    2. BBodyC
      Was directed to GTX..Sorry about that I am a FBBO virgin yet...LOL
      BBodyC, Sep 10, 2019
    3. Stroker68
      No worries. Me too.
      Stroker68, Sep 10, 2019
    4. GTX JDC
      I have not pulled the plugs yet. If anything I believe it runs rich based on the dyno sheet and what the engine builder told me. Will be checking the plugs and jetting etc in the near future. Thanks
      GTX JDC, Oct 2, 2019
  8. GTX JDC
    I'm curious about what temperature your engine runs at. With the fan shroud in front of the radiator doesn't it cut down on the air flow? Are the fans on all the time or temp controlled? How many rows of tubes do you have in the radiator? I am having a heating issue with my GTX so your set up interests me.
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    2. Stroker68
      Pull the thermostat if applicable. No restriction in coolant flow. Coolant circulates faster. Good luck. My Dad had a 68 GTX.
      Stroker68, Sep 9, 2019
    3. tommytunes
      Use or buy a temp gun ( Harbor Freight ) to get and accurate temp reading before digging into all the other stuff.
      tommytunes, Oct 2, 2019
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    4. GTX JDC
      I have done that. Actually my Harbor Freight gun isn't very accurate compared to the other two I have. Part of the problem is the temp gauge accuracy, will be changing out sending unit or replacing gauge with a mechanical one. Thanks
      GTX JDC, Oct 2, 2019
  9. BBodyC
    Define "broke"
    1. Stroker68
      Been a money pit in a good way. Always improving. Wish i could leave it alone. So does my wife.
      Stroker68, Sep 9, 2019
      BBodyC likes this.
  10. smilla
    nice mopar likes the the fittning of Wheels in rear end
      BBodyC likes this.
    1. Stroker68
      Thanks. I'm a stance snob.
      Stroker68, Sep 9, 2019
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