TTSaleen's 1968 Dodge Charger

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  1. 65Bel
    Per photos posted Jan 31, 2022: It just doesn't get any better than THIS ... Absolutely to-die-for!!
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  2. TTSaleen
  3. micmoe
    Ya you fixed it and done Gooood. Love it!
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  4. davek
    love the 68
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  5. TTSaleen
    Thanks guys.
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  6. multimopes
    Wow, that is one great 68, NICE WORK!
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  7. Riverdawg
    Sweet Charger. Love the color combo.
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  8. pricer140
    Whole project is excellent. Really like the wheels in the last few pictures. Not loud, or overly aggressive and flows nicely with the car. Would like to know what they are and tire size. Good work.
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    1. TTSaleen
      Thanks. They are 18-9 front and 18-10.5 rear. Mustang Mach 1 replica wheels from AFS Wheels. I used wheel adapters to make them work. Check out my Youtube page where I have a video about them and the adapters to make them fit.
      TTSaleen, Jan 7, 2022
  9. Andy_Amoht
    Respect to the car and the work. It looks very nice.
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  10. blue69runner
    Boy a grate looking ride. I am searching for a 69 charger but no luck so far. Want to restore one and have a 440 in it with four speed. Like the console and bucket seat's. Have fun with that car.
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