Two Promises Kept!

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  • After retiring. I finished a promise made 50 years ago. At 16 my mom brought 1965 Plymouth Belvedere II 426 wedge me a graduation! It was a fast car, but it was the summer of Love! Started my senior year, but dropped out of school after 5 days! Well mom made me drive the Belvedere II 200 miles and give t to my brother going to college she keep her promise I didn't graduate I couldn't keep the car.. After 50 years I found another Belvedere II, with a 360 and keep my promise to get another Belvedere II. When mom pasted we got her 94 Dodge 250 conversion van ( she was a Mopar lady, had Road Runner, a 340 Dodge swinger), founded the 65, then found a nice 39 Plymouth, and I'm now working on a 1963 Dodge 440 in which I will drop in a 440 built motor. Just living the dream. For some reason my Big brother had kept the steering wheel from my first Belvedere II all those years it's now back on my car.
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  1. blue69runner
    Appreciate the view of the car's and the history. Like those older car's also. Keep it up and have fun. :thumbsup:
  2. moparnation74
    Thank you for sharing and sweet rides!
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  3. 66383
    I like 'em all. Keep trucking bud!:steering:
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