Update 2019

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  • Put some new stripes and graphics on. Doing some Bracket racing with the Rocky Mountain Nostalgia group. Got a VIP Invite to the 2020 Tri-State Exhibition in Denver, in March. Scan_20191027 (2).jpg

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  1. Coronet Floyd
    That drag strips in my back yard. Nice CO Coronet.
  2. blue69runner
    Bad Ass. I could feel the rumble as I looked at the pic's. Like the graphic's also. :thumbsup:
  3. Beep!Beep!
    Jokers Wild!
  4. BBodyC
    Giddy up Go......LOL
  5. 340challconvert
    Having fun and competing with the car for what it was meant to do.
  6. BBodyC
    Great car---nice pics
  7. Stroker68
  8. Riverdawg
    One sweet 65. Great looking Coronet.
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