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  • My 1966 Dodge Coronet 500 is matching numbers. I’m second owner. Built 383, 727 trans, 742 rear with sure grip running 3.55. When all the finer details are finished it will be shipped to my Dad (he doesn’t know I have it) then on to the next Mopar Project. I’ve had a passion for Mopars all my life ever since my Dad bought his first Mopar. A brand new 1970 Challenger, 383 Magnum with Crazy plum purple when I was 3 . I was raised seeing my Dad have his own personal car lot of treasures. Theres nothing better than riding in a big block Mopar with the smell of the interior and the raw power when unleashed onto the pavement with your spine melted into the seat!

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  1. Warhorse
    Always loved the reverse-taper C-pillar, very distinctive. Cars had style back in the day...
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  2. blue69runner
    Love those body styles. Grate paint job. Just don't make them like this any more. :thumbsup:
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  3. Riverdawg
    Really cool that you are sending in to your dad. Very cool "salvage" car. Great color combo. Love those old Cragars too.
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  4. BBodyC
    Nice Car !!!
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    Love the car and the story. I only wish my Grandma and Mom were still alive to see her car finally restored.
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  6. hanks73340
    Very nice and love the color combo....:thumbsup:
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  7. R413
    Great story on this car Father’s Day is coming.

    I have always liked that dark turquoise color on the 66-67 Mopars. Look how the color changes on those body lines, love it! Thanks for showing it.
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  8. JimCoronette
    Cragar Street Super Tricks! Awesome!
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  9. multimopes
    Beautiful car and a nice story! Your dad is really gonna be surprised. He is lucky to have a son like you!
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