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1968 Charger BB1/C6R

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Mar 25, 2022
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Auburn hills
Hey guys,
So a couple of years ago I registered with fbbo and posted that I had just bought a black on red 383 4 barrel charger that was unrestored and matching numbers. I know a black charger with no vinyl top is rare, but I don’t think I’ve seen another 68 optioned like this. I just finished the car last summer and put 3,500 miles on it. I call her BB1





Sooooooooooooooooooooooo Freaking Sexy.

Its not in the picture, but I can clearly see the cottontop hitman firing his Winchester 1897 out of the rear window at Steve McQueen, just before his fiery explosive death at the gas station!
Very sharp looking car. I like it better without a vinyl top.
Nice looking '68. Congratulations on getting it back on the road. There probably isn't many out there like that one.
dang that’s a killer car I agree 68’ caps would be sweet
The car looks awesome, and you like it, so it's perfect. I never even thought about what year the hubcaps were. I just knew they were Dodge.
That is just beautiful.
The black Charger with the red interior is stunning, the wheels not so much. Maybe a nice set of torque thrust wheels with the spokes painted red to match the interior would really make the car pop! I did a set of torque thrust wheels for my 70 Charger R/T V code car with the centers painted burnt orange to match the interior. The dog dish hubcaps are great if you have four dogs to feed at the same time! Most cars that you see them on now a days didn't come from the factory with them and the ones that did had them removed in the first few days of ownership!



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Beautiful car. You’ll learn @chargervert and I are really against food bowls for wheels.

I know opinions are like butt holes, everyone has one, but these cars are way too beautiful for just plain steel wheels and a shiny food bowl to “dress” them up. Magnum 500s look good, keystone has a nice catalog to browse through. Cragars are good, and so are torque thrusts

Everybody is different. Much respect for that car and the person that made it and keeps it that way. You definitely got everybodys attention.
The car is beautiful, nice work! It's hard to top a Charger in black!
Lol, I appreciate the feedback and got a good laugh from you guys. You know, I've thought about spoke wheels like torque thrusts or magnums, but I Love the sinister look the car currently has. I also have a set of 4 redline tires on their way so should help tie the dog dish caps in with the tires. Theres just something about a black mopar with black steelies that I love.