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1969 Charger R/T at the NATS 2004.....(not for the faint of heart)

It was painful to watch the carnage! The whole show was a disaster! The place was a dustbowl,keeping the cars clean was a full time job! The parts prices were off the charts insane,the food was overpriced and not that great,the trash barrels were overflowing with bees and flys everywhere,the cars were unorganized with people parking minivans next to pristine Daytona Chargers! The bathrooms were the worst I had ever seen with raw sewage overflowing everywhere and people still using the toilets! I worked at a waste water treatment plant for nine years and those bathrooms were the worst thing I ever seen! The gulf carts were insane nearly mowing people down. We had to grab a guy and physically move him away from my friend Gary's 71 Daytona Charger after he was waving the rear valence pan he was carrying around like a windmill everytime he turned to look at the car! I told Gary we need to get him away from your car now after the third time he nearly hit the fender with the part! It was a nightmare,I never intended to go back,but we did go back one more time in 2007.
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I was there. I remember that car. By Sunday, it was a picked apart carcass.
This was my only trip back east to a major show. This year they were paying special attention to the Charger name, all models.
Mary and I saw and counted 226 Chargers. I've been to Mopar only shows that barely have 200 cars total!
This swamp dweller Plymouth had a $4000 price on it .....maybe $40,000? I was shocked since it was the rustiest car that I had seen at that point.

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G 2004.JPG
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I really liked this Viper powered 68 Charger I saw at the show.

This brings back memories of a demolition Derby I watched as a teen in the 90’s. Guy had a black 69 charger with a big block (didn’t get close enough to it to see if it was a b or rb just remember the distributer in the front). I was in the pits looking at the car and asked to guy not to wreck it. I told him I’d buy it at the end of the summer as I had some misc jobs I was doing. It was rough but by now a days standards would have probably fetched 30k. Anyway he was there to run and I watched that car just get destroyed, run hot and I believe seized. That was one of of the last derby’s I ever watched. It hurt too much to see something like that happen. I believe he just crushed the car and sold the interior that he pulled out for about $20.
A guy I know did the same thing with a decent 69 Coronet 500 383 car with buckets and a console. I wanted to buy the car.he wouldn't sell it,it got entered in the demo derby and destroyed.
How's the Coronet TC?

Still amazes me that I have it back...sometimes I'm like a deer caught in the headlights when I take the car cover off! :lol:

But I've been getting it ready for the first show I'll have it at in almost 25 years, it's the same show I took it to for the very first time after I restored it so it's kind of a special one for me!

On the car some paint on things had started to flake off due to age, bad prep so had to be redone, then lots of minor maintenance things from it's years of sitting. I have lots of pics and updates to add to my thread but just waiting on the old VHS-C Camcorder tapes to be conversted to digital files so I can snap screen shots of the metal work...want to keep my thread in chronological order. ;)
3/4 years ago wasn't there a guy who had an outrageous price on a Charger. Then wrecked it because no one would pay his price. It was I think a video?
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You can't fix STUPID!
I feel sorry for the folk who have toiled for thousands of hours on rusty wrecks whilst Madmen cut up rust-free cars....
Oh yeah that's me DOH!

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