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1969 Dodge Charger R/T with sunroof only 325k (For sale, not mine)

Air cleaner looks legit to me.
In that case what determines that the car gets this air cleaner instead of that one:


I never saw one like that one on a 69
That's exactly why i was asking.

I personally also feel that this dual snorkel air cleaner looks somewhat off in that engine bay.

Looks like 11 to me, but I'm probably on a smaller screen.
Someone should post a pic of a 67
I picked this up cause I like the snorks better than the unsilenced..... assumed it a 67 only


Just how much does Roger Gibson charge for a restoration, anyways? :eek:
yours appears to be like the upper right in post 32?
No, that's a small cone round snorkel that you're referring to in #32
Edit, I see it is oval snorkel. But still, not like the 67 only
what is mine? I'm confused

67, but not 67 only?
Yours looks to be a 68, or 69,
B, or C body. Try out that link to nicks garage in post #30. It's not SUPER precise, but close.
My R/T S.E. has even more options that that one. Mine must be worth 400K? Lol.
My R/T S.E. has even more options that that one. Mine must be worth 400K? Lol.

According to Hagerty "Colors can make an astonishing difference in both value and salability".
So unless yours is also beige with a green vinyl top and interior i'm afraid that's probably not going to happen. :D
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