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1970 Dana 60 paint marking revealed after cleaning


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8:26 PM
Oct 15, 2021
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I’ve been rebuilding the chassis of my 70 Super Bee. Im not “restoring” it to concours but rather just preserving it. It’s a driver and I intend to keep it that way so I can enjoy it. But with that said, as I’m going through it to make it road worthy, I find things I want to duplicate for posterity so I don’t destroy the knowledge. As I find markings, I take pictures and then reproduce them to pass on to the next owner. So I pressure-washed my Dana today and found some strange paint. Logically it doesn’t make sense someone would have done this at sometime after production. Orangish paint on top of the housing and only on the drivers tube. But it’s pretty extensive, not a stripe or dot. I worked in the auto industry for over 35 years and something like this might have been done prior to assembly for some reason to make sure this axle was clearly identified. There are some other marks that are more common too I included photos of them too. I have not found anything after referring to my Dave Wise book, searching this forum or searching the web. Maybe it’s nothing, I might be wrong and an over zealous owner did some weird stuff but at minimum it’s interesting. Thought I’d throw this out there for information and feedback. Anyone come across something similar?

I don't know the answer, but @Richard Cranium found some interesting markings on his '66 Hemi Belvedere, but I think it was mostly on the crankshaft. There might have been stuff on the rearend, too, but I'm not remembering at the moment. Always cool to do the archeolgy on these original machines. I'll be interested to see replies with possible answers.
Looks like an "x". If there is another "x" it's a girl. If there is a "y" with the "x", it's a boy.
Just factory inspection marks, no 2 cars are the same on where exactly they were marked.
Just factory inspection marks, no 2 cars are the same on where exactly they were marked.
The thing to me was the amount of orange paint on the top. It’s not like a dap or a stripe(s). The X yeah expected and normal. Just the orange paint. Wondering if anyone has seen anything like this before? The car is 52 years old. A lot could happen in this time. But wondering if it’s actually a production thing.