2018 8th Annual FABO NHRA "Pick 'Em" Game - Time For Your NITRO Fix! Here We Go Again!!!


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Aug 19, 2008
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North OC, CA
Congrats, you guys! I don't know if I'll play next year or not. I just find it unwatchable anymore. The TV people are so bad. I didn't even finish watching the last race.

Hey 64BEL, I bet the broadcasts are going to get better next year (like you said, they were almost unwatchable at times this year. Following is my recent post to the "2019 NHRA Silly Season" thread...

NHRA.com announced the 2019 FOX television broadcast schedule on 11/16/18. Included with the broadcast schedule was a lowkey announcement that Brian Lohnes will be the lead announcer for the FOX broadcast team.
Does this mean that Dave Rieff is gone? I sure hope so (JMO).
There was no mention of Tony Pedregon in the announcement, or Bruno Massel, Lewis Bloom, Amanda Busick, Jamie Howe or John Kernan. Personally, I'd love to see Mike Dunn back on the team and Tony be Pedre"gone".