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2020 Carlisle Who is not going that normally goes????

Been a vendor since the show started. Will not be attending this year. Good luck for those who attend.
For those of you that don't have/do facebook. South Mountain Raceway cancelled this yrs Friday night race.

Per their facebook page.

South Mountain Raceway has made a decision to inform all of our MOPAR friends and family that it will not be providing our Friday Night MOPARS @ the Mountain race this 2020 Season. As a result we will be opening on Sunday July 12th for our First Annual “Racers Reunion” in conjunction with the Eastern Museum of Motor Racing EMMR. All are welcome to attend this NITRO show on Sunday as a BONUS present your Carlisle Event Ticket and get in as a visitor for half price $5. You must bring your own lawn chairs and or blankets the bleachers have been removed and are off limits. All concessions will be open. We will be attending the Carlisle show making arrangements for our MOPARS @ South Mountain 2021 Drag Racing Event. All please practice Social Distancing. Have a safe productive and Blessed Show until we meet again Mountain Mike and The Folks from South Mountain Raceway!!!

I just canceled my hotel reservations this morning that we had made nearly a year ago for this event. We were really looking forward to it, but as the summer has progressed and the Covid and Protesting have not subsided, but increased, we decided we would not want to be 1000 miles from home if things take an uglier turn. I look forward to this or the Nationals in Columbus every year, but not this one, hating this 2020.
Texas is one of the states which has had increases in the coronavirus....
Truth be told, Cumberland County in Pennsylvania is far safer !!!! A full 25 % of the cases and deaths of coronavirus in Pennsylvania are in Allegheny County....
Just stay the heck out of Pittsburgh, when in PA. !!!!!
But, your decision....
Sounds like you’ll need a 14 day quarantine coming from some states, according to the local news.
We know your Governor Tom Wolf is a lunatic !!!!!
But New Jersey's Phil Murphy, Our Andrew Cuomo, and Connecticut's Ned Lamont created the tri state
Travel Ban....
I didn't realize Pennsylvania was in on that.... I will read up on that presently.....
What do you know about it ???????
Thanks, Craig.....
I haven't heard of any required quarantines.

Regardless, I'm going. I'm tired of being cooped up and will gladly go to Carlisle. There may be fewer people and vendors, but it is better than sitting at home. I'll take reasonable precautions and have a good time.
I haven't heard of any required quarantines.

Regardless, I'm going. I'm tired of being cooped up and will gladly go to Carlisle. There may be fewer people and vendors, but it is better than sitting at home. I'll take reasonable precautions and have a good time.
I share your sentiment, I bought a Coleman stove , I’ll do my own food and coffee so I can avoid crowds and use common sense for the rest.
For those who are going to Carlisle. FOOD will be an issue for sure. I would bring stuff to cook or make cold sandwiches as restaurants are only operating at 40-50% and lots don't have outdoor dining...So you may have a loooong wait or no food at all. I would also make sure you have a mask as here where I live they are turning people away from entering stores now if you don't have one...
I won't be there because the US borders are closed.

And the US is a way more risky place than germany regarding covid19
Have been going every year since the 90s but will be sitting this one out. Have nor cancelled my hotel yet but will this week. Not worth the risk to go, especially knowing attendance most likely will be way down.
Food...MREs. Helps kill COVID-19 too:D

This has been a very frustrating experience over the past four days for us trying to make a decision as to how to prepare for the event. We have been very close to saying the heck with it and just stay home. Now that Georgia is on the list for self quarantining for entering PA, how will that impact us, nobody knows.

My real fear is that with the recent uptick in actual number of cases throughout the US, it may very well make it so that the states may implement more severe restrictions as the days pass. I have for the past three days been receiving phone calls from various vendors who had planned on attending that are now on the fence as well. Seems that everyone has more questions than answers.

Also, I have heard of several owners with cars that were scheduled for display for building T, that have pulled their cars. Personally, I feel that the show field may be decent on Saturday for those who are close enough to drive to the event and then go home that evening.

Usually, I would be leaving on Sunday afternoon heading to Carlisle so that I could be there on Monday afternoon. Now, we are pushing it back to leaving on Wednesday afternoon and get there on Thursday morning. Just waiting and seeing how things play out over the next couple of days.
It’s not ‘required’, only recommended. There’s no one posted at the boarder checking anything as of today.
Richard do whats best for you and your family. I would love be going too but its not going to happen this year. Got my stickers last week and the border is still closed. Will be there to support you and your business in the future.
Mopar was so strong in Canada, eh? , That we usually have a lot of Canadians at Chrysler's @ Carlisle....
Both English speaking and French speaking....
Not this year, of course.... We will miss you all, eh?
Stay Safe.... And see you next year.....
Yours, Craig...
(Those "eh?s" were to make you feel at home, eh?!)
We will be there. Were at a Campground so we can stay away from Hotels etc etc. we plan on extra sandwich stuff this year to stay away from Food court, but we will be shopping. I hope the Vendors and parts guys are there....I need a lot of stuff for a 64 Vert !!