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440 cam install opinions

RJ Squirrel

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Sep 7, 2021
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Cheney, WA
So I am putting together this relatively stock 1974 440 8-1 cast pistons 060 over and putting in a Summit 6400 cam. I have a degree wheel on it now and it is advanced 2 degrees, stock timing set with one bolt cam gear.
So option one leave it alone thinking a little more cylinder pressure might be a good thing, but might take away high end power.
Or put a 2 degree retard bushing in the cam gear, which should make it 2 degrees retarded at the crank since it is 2 degrees advanced now- thinking this would improve mid and top
Or should I try to get it spot on
Or am I just over thinking this seeins how I may have self medicated myself a touch too much while I was closing up shop--and I may be 4 degrees retarded.
This should all make sense in the morning after you guys tell me what to do
Thanks for tuning in, goodnight and good news
Your medication is working. Stick with the 2 degrees advance. The low comp will like it, and it will only retard under acceleration and wear.
Why would anyone build a .060 over engine and still stick with low compression pistons?
I understand the dude that has a well sealing RV short block....he doesn't want to pull it apart to bore it but if you took the time to go .060 over.
How far down is the piston at TDC?
Please tell us the cam duration and lift.
What is this vehicle used for? Rear gear ratio? Tire height? gvw? RPM?

Then we can answer the question.
If you don't have the stuff in your shop to do it or if you're not in the mood then leave it and move on. It will never change anything in your life.
One thing you must do with that camshaft is install it and the lifters and make sure each lifter spins in its bore as you rotate the cam. Some may not, if so switch them around one at a time until you get them all to spin in the bore on the cam as it rotates. Then assemble.

I wiped that cam (actually it’s larger version k6401) flat on three lobes inside of 10 minutes because I didn’t check and assumed - ahh it’ll be okay.

My only other input on the cam is if you’re worried about power I think there are providers out there that make cams for low cylinder pressure, maybe it the ‘thumper’ series, can’t remember but you could look into those as an alternative.
Thanks for the replies. The motor was rebuilt for a truck, the truck as wrecked shortly after, and it sat for 20+ years. I am just freshing it up with a hone job and new rings. The cam was pretty small so I replaced it and the lifters too. I am using it for a temporary engine in the RR while I take my time rebuilding the original 383 that sat outside in pieces for 40 years.
I was over thinking it yesterday I believe I will just continue on with putting it back together.
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