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Jan 23, 2013
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Up for your consideration is Plymouth Dodge Mopar 512 Cubic Inch High Performance Stroker Wedge , made from a Dodge 400 Cubic Inch Bare Block. This is a complete engine. You will notice that everything above the cylinder block itself is all Aluminum. That makes the total engine weight just under 11 pounds lighter than the Dodge 360 small block engine. That's right !! All the horsepower and torque of a Big Block with the weight of a small block. Yes the best of both worlds.. This engine is completely rebuilt with all NEW internal and external parts. The only remanufactured part is the original 400 inch bare block. To make 512 cubic inches we used a NEW forged steel 4.25 inch crankshaft. along with Manley H beam connecting rods and ARP rod bolts. We used ARP fasteners through out the engine. For the exception of the heads where we used ARP stud kits with washers and nuts. The pistons came from JE and are forged with Moly rings. We went with Hughes for the Hyd. cam shaft. The recipie for the cam will be included in the engine build sheet. Comp Cams supplied us with the Timing set, ie. Chain and gears. Double roller type with oil slinger. We used a New Meling HV-63 high volume oil pump and 6 quart Hemi style oil pan and new pick up screen. All bearings throughout the engine are Clevite 77 along with a new brass dist. drive bushing. Cam bearings are by Dura-Bond. The heads are 440 source with larger intake and exhaust valves. A much better spark plug angle provides a better exhaust wash. This company did thier homework designing these heads. The valve springs are good for cams with up to a 600 lift. So we went with the Comp Cams extra strength push rods along with all NEW rocker assemblies. Super duty stamped steel rocker arms with chrome hardened shafts. All New. The intake manifold we chose was an Edelbrock Perfomer RPM. On top is a Holley 750 Double Pumper and a 1 inch thick heat dissapation plate to keep the carb cool on hot summer days. We supply the engine with a Chrysler electronic dist. for street use. You may choose a larger ignition if your app. requires more spark. This set up makes 605 Horsepower on 105 octane gas. That comes to 10.10 to 1 compression ratio with these heads and the gaskets used. Some ups and extras used on the build are things like a liquid filled fluid damper for secure balance, a custom hand made front aluminum timing cover and timing scribe, custom aluminum billet valley pan tie down straps. Aluminum water pump and water pump housing. Extended dist. adapter to accomodate a 440 type distributer into low block engine. Polished aluminum Mopar Performance valve covers. Taylor made street thunder spark plug wires 8 MM. We also went with 5/8 inch deep reach spark plugs for easy access. The engine comes with a complete build sheet. This engine has been run in a test stand 3 different times. We have checked for leaks, vacumme and oil and water. When it gets to you , it's ready to go in. Please don't hesitate to ask any questions you may have. No expense spared in this engine build.. I have for this engine At an additional price a Factory 4 speed A-833 23 spline transmission along with a New bell housing, flywheel, clutch, pressure plate, throw out bearing, clutch fork and Hurst Competition Plus shifter and linkage with dust cover. Everything you need to bolt it into the car . Thanks for looking

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