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62 fuel sending unit install issue


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Apr 12, 2021
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Gettysburg, PA
Last fall I replaced the FSU in my 62 as the existing unit was not reading any longer. The replacement unit I purchased from Joe Suchy at Carlisle. After I swapped units and buttoned everything up, I was happy to see the gauge reporting properly. Filled the tank up and proceeded to drive it around. No issues it seemed.

I parked the car in the (detached) garage, and went about my day. We came home later in the evening and as I walked past the garage I smelled gas. Went in to take a peek and the tank was leaking like crazy. I jacked the front of the car up to try to get the gas away from the FSU, but with a full tank, I couldn't get it on enough of an incline. Ended up syphoning out as much as I could to get it to stop leaking. From what I can tell, everything is tight and secure, yet it's still leaking. Any tips or suggestions on what I can do to get this solved? The car has been on an incline since this happened because I haven't had the time to devote to it (in the middle of a home renovation). With the nicer weather coming, I'm feeling the need to fix this.

Thanks in advance for any tips
Sounds like the seal is not in place. Make sure the sender itself is not leaking at the fupply nipple or the wire terminal post. If those are good you need to take it out and inspect the seal. Either replace it or reposition it if possible.
When installing the seal retainer ring, it is pretty hard to get it to seat all the way. It has to be forced over the little humps to actually lock it in place. I used to use a flat drift punch and a hammer to lock them in. But my last tank swap, I purchased the installation tool. Still had to use a hammer to "persuade" it to go all the way and lock in place. I recommend the tool if you don't have one. It's at the lower left in my picture.
Most of those new lock rings are not as thick as the old ones. If you haven't tossed it, you may want to check that as I have had that issue in the past.
If you have too thin a supplied gasket a poster board (or other thickness of cardboard) could supply a shim between the lock ring and outer surface of the gasket.