63 to 65 Dodge and Plymouth B-Body Molded Trunk Mats

Restoration Parts and Materials

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    Mar 14, 2009
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    I will be bringing a small number of the correctly molded style trunk mats for the 63 to 65 Dodge and Plymouth B-Body applications to Carlisle and The Nats. These mats are not the more generic thin vinyl mats, but are a heavier vinyl/rubber material as they were originally. They also feature the correct "molded in details" as well. Due to slight differences between the years and plant deviations, slight trimming may be required to make for a better fit, but they are a minimum and up to the installer to perform.

    The pricing is $90.00 per mat. I can ship the mats, but due to the length, they can get pricey. The Plymouth mats were most typically a blue plaid, where the Dodge were a gray plaid. They can be molded in the other typical patterns like houndstooth or herringbone, but those colors are non-returnable.

    Other mats are available as well for all of the various applications. Just let me know your needs.

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