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'66 Radio troubleshooting


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Jun 16, 2010
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Got the car out of winter storage and there are a few things I'd like to fix. One is getting the radio working.
I put in the radio from my parts car, do remember it working back 20 plus years ago when it was a driver. So I'm not 100% sure it works anymore. EL works great.
Couldn't get any noise out of the speaker so I picked one up from a member from over at 66-67charger. Hooked the speaker up tonight and get a "thump" when the radio is turned on, and a little static, never had that before. Good sign?
Also the antenna is junk, once in its life someone cobbled some afterbirth antenna in it. Cable is there but has been spliced. I trimmed the cable to where there was continuity from the radio plug end to the center copper wire. Plugged antenna in and nothing. Still get the "thump" when the radio is on and not much for static. Usually AM radios get reception under ground so was a little surprised that it got no reception.
Plan on trying to get the antenna out of the parts car, don't really want to buy new, pretty proud of them (expensive).
Is there a way to test the output of the radio, other than with a speaker?
Could it be bench tested it instead? I have another radio to try but the EL doesn't work.
When a good antenna is hooked up will I get more static?
Any help is appreciated.

you will need an antenna in order for it to pick up any stations on the AM band
Buy a cheap antennae, apply 12 volts, and a ground, and turn it on, with a speaker attached. I test radios that way all the time. Your culprit is likey the antennae.
Out to the parts car I will go.

I'm glad someone else said that..he never listens to me anyway
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